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So, you’re one of those climate nuts, convinced that barbecues, straws, and cows are wreaking havoc on the planet. You faithfully recycle heaps of plastic, thinking you’re doing a solid favor for Mother Earth. Each night, you hit the hay feeling pretty good about yourself, believing you’re making a big difference. Nice thought, right? Sadly, it’s far from the truth. In reality, you’re actually adding to the problem, thanks to a lack of critical thinking and a failure to question the motives behind big government and corporate narratives. The truth is, plastic recycling is a big, fat lie—total garbage (yes, pun intended).

Climate nuts aren’t saving the planet; they’re actually making things worse. Many are so stuck in their echo chambers that they don’t even realize the damage they’re unleashing. It’s all about “feeling good” for them; they don’t really care what the facts and real-life results are.

Here’s what John Stossel had to say about his disturbing findings regarding the plastic recycling scam:

Popular podcaster Jimmy Dore weighed in on the big “plastic lie,” drawing a spot-on comparison to the COVID “mask” virtue signaling, which also did zilch for public health. If the studies are anything to go by, it might have even made things worse.

Jimmy Dore:

Once again we’ve been lied to on a MASSIVE scale by the establishment. Recycling has always been a huge Scam.

“the efforts to sell the false promise of plastic recycling were to avoid restrictive regulations and potential product bans.”

I’ve been reporting this for a decade on my show, but it makes people feel good to think they’re doing something to help the environment so I don’t expect separating our garbage to stop anytime soon, much like the Covid vaxx & face masks, these are nothing more than virtue signaling.

In reality, much of what’s called “climate change” or “global warming” is just a cash grab, propped up by junk science to keep the money flowing. It’s so bad that even the left-wing radical site Salon knows this whole plastic recycling thing is a total scam:

“In 2017, scientists estimated that just 9% of the 6.3 billion metric tons of plastics produced from about the 1950s (when plastics were first mass produced) up to 2015 had been recycled,” Cirino told Salon. “Plastic recycling rates vary widely from region to region around the world. In the U.S., plastic recycling rates are currently below 6 percent.”

Yet even those numbers are deceptive, Cirino warned, as they incorrectly imply that at least the plastic which does get “recycled” is handled in ways that help the environment. “Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter where or how you set out your plastic for recycling collection, whether at the end of your driveway, at your local recycling center, or in a municipal recycling bin: Most plastic items collected as recycling are not actually recycled,” Cirino explained. “Surprisingly, plastic is not designed to be recycled — despite industries and governments telling the public that we should recycle plastic.”

Instead the plastics that people think get “recycled” are often instead shipped from the Global North to the Global South, with waste haulers often dumping and openly burning plastic without regard to environmental laws, Cirino explained. People who live near the sites where these things happen face a lifetime of health risks, to say nothing of living in a degraded environment.

This quote from the Salon article might just be the only straight-shooting thing they’ve ever published:

The same companies that created the plastic pollution crisis are motivated to keep the public from believing that their product needs to be phased out.

The real kicker? Folks in the plastics industry have been aware of this for ages. Experts point out that only specific recycled plastics can be mixed, and even then, the regrind percentage you can add to virgin material caps at about 7–10%, depending on the polymer. A bunch of plastics can’t even be recycled as fillers and end up buried or burned, just adding to the pile in our landfills and oceans. Meanwhile, left-wing climate nuts cheer and clap like obedient seals, thinking they’re “saving the planet” when they’re not. Not even close. Honestly, talk to most experts, and they’ll say burning plastic the right way is probably the best solution for disposal. The environment can deal with carbon dioxide way better than it can with microplastics that just don’t break down.