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This is the tale of Kenneth Harrelson, a member of the Titusville Oath Keepers. Harrelson narrowly escaped a major legal hit in federal court when he was acquitted of the rare charge of “seditious conspiracy” related to his role in the January 6 Capitol melee. While he managed to dodge the most severe accusation, he wasn’t off the hook. A jury found him, along with Stewart Rhodes of the Oath Keepers, guilty of obstructing an official proceeding of Congress, among other lesser charges. Though Harrelson avoided the harshest penalties, he still faced a hefty sentence behind bars—a situation made possible by the outright lies of Nancy Pelosi’s favorite pet Capitol Police officer, Harry Dunn. Now free, Harrelson is eager to share his version of the events, detailing the disgusting web of lies spun by Officer Dunn.

Podcaster Breanna Morello landed this explosive interview, and it’s quite a doozy. At the end of this article, we’ve posted the full interview for you to watch. We highly encourage you to check it out.

Breanna Morello:

January 6 defendant Sgt. Ken Harrelson has been released from prison.

He was sentenced to 4 years in prison after Officer Harry Dunn (@libradunn) and Officer David Lazarus lied on the witness stand.

Sgt. Harrelson saved Dunn on J6.

Dunn is now running for Congress and just received Nancy Pelosi’s endorsement.

Listen to Sgt Harrelson debunk Dunn’s lies.


The investigative reporters over at The Blaze got to work, uncovered the timeline of lies, and truly blew the lid off yet another January 6th political plot.

The Blaze:

Lazarus claimed he saw Dunn involved in a conflict with the Oath Keepers as Lazarus came up the stairs. Dunn claims the opposite: that he saw Lazarus involved in a conflict as Dunn came up the stairs.

Blaze Media has acquired an advance copy of Dunn’s forthcoming book, “Standing My Ground: A Capitol Police Officer’s Fight for Accountability and Good Trouble After January 6th,” scheduled for release on October 24. On pages 79 and 80, Dunn describes his first encounter of the day with Lazarus:

I took off, running up a winding spiral staircase toward the Speaker’s Lobby. … Now I was on the same floor as the Rotunda. … As soon as I made it to the landing, I saw Special Agent David Lazarus. … He was being hassled by some rioters.

Apparently, neither Dunn’s ghostwriter nor his editor checked the Oath Keepers trial transcript, in which Lazarus claims to recount the same moment in time:

Hughes: How was your evacuation efforts? How did you interact with this space? Where were you going in relation to what we’re looking at now?

Lazarus: So I came up from the first level, and I came up the stairs behind Dunn. And as I’m coming up, I could see Dunn above me as I was coming up the stairs. And I look and I see him standing there. And this crowd is, like, right in front of him.

Dunn claims to have first seen Lazarus already at the top of the staircase being “hassled by rioters” when he arrived. Lazarus testified that Dunn was “above me,” already at the top of the staircase when he arrived.

The man who wasn’t there

Capitol CCTV reveals that Dunn reached the top of the staircase landing at exactly 2:44 p.m. Dunn could not have seen Lazarus there, as Lazarus is clearly identifiable on video in the tunnels near the Senate office buildings at the same time. And Lazarus could not have seen Dunn interacting with the Oath Keepers “three or four times” in a “very antagonistic” encounter, because Lazarus did not arrive at that staircase until 2:56:45 p.m. The last Oath Keeper left 2:53:30. Again, Lazarus arrives well over three minutes after the Oath Keepers had departed the area.

In Lazarus’ own trial testimony, he claimed he was not present when video footage shows that Dunn was actually at the top of the stairs. This important element of Lazarus’ testimony was missed not only by all eight of the Oath Keepers’ defense lawyers but also by the journalists reporting on the trial from the first-floor media room in the courthouse.

Lazarus truthfully testified that he had been escorting U.S. senators through the tunnels to the Senate office buildings.

Hughes: So as you’re going into the tunnels, are you with the United States senators at this time?

Lazarus: Yes. We evacuate the entire Senate down the back stairs into the tunnels. And those tunnels go across Constitution Avenue back into the Senate buildings, where we had an area that was specifically set up to secure the Senate.

Hughes: Did you remain at this location?

Lazarus: No. Once we started moving through the tunnels, I heard “shots fired.” And so once I heard the shots were fired, I saw that the senators were doing okay, we had enough agents with them to get them to safety, so I turned around and I started going back towards where I heard the shots were being fired.

The report of “shots fired” was heard on the USCP Main Ops 1 radio channel at 2:44 p.m. This was in response to the single shot USCP Lt. Michael Byrd fired that killed protester Ashli Babbitt. This is what Lazarus heard, according to the USCP radio communications obtained in January by the Epoch Times:

Dispatcher: There were shots fired at the House floor. I need units to respond. They’re taking shots into the House floor. We need units to respond to that location. 1443 hours.

Lazarus testified under oath — verified by Capitol CCTV — that he was “moving through the tunnels” when he heard that shots were fired. “1443 hours” would be 2:43 p.m.

Dunn reached the top of those stairs, adjacent to the Capitol’s Rotunda, at exactly 2:44 p.m., and Oath Keeper Ken Harrelson entered that same area only 30 seconds later. Those times are also verified by the Capitol CCTV timecode.

Lazarus did not arrive back from the tunnels and reach the bottom of the Rotunda staircase until 2:56:45 p.m. This was approximately five minutes after Dunn had been relieved of his position at the top of those stairs by USCP Civil Disturbance officers and over three minutes after the Oath Keepers had already exited the area.

Most of us have known for some time that much about January 6th has been distorted or fabricated. Tucker Carlson highlighted this further when he interviewed former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, who shared his firsthand account of what really transpired on that fateful, orchestrated day.

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The sad truth about the United States these days is that we’ve lost the moral high ground we once held. We now have political prisoners on American soil and federal officials who lie under oath to target political dissenters. In this respect, we’re not much different from nations like Communist China, North Korea, Russia, and Iran. Sure, our methods may not be as outwardly barbaric, but we still manage to destroy lives with a veneer of civility.

You can watch the full video here: