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The squatting crisis sweeping across the US isn’t something to laugh about, but you’ve got to admit, the absurdity of these left-leaning NYC laws is almost comical. They’re so out there that honest, law-abiding homeowners risk losing everything just by taking a long vacation. God forbid you decide to go on an around-the-world cruise. You can come home to a house that’s been taken over by criminals, and your hands are tied, thanks to the insane laws that the left gleefully push. Squatters are zeroing in on empty houses, making themselves at home, and, in a bizarre twist, claiming ownership. What’s crazier? Homeowners attempting to kick these intruders out end up being the ones in handcuffs. It’s like the poster child for how Democrat policies can spiral out of control and bite everyone in the backside.

Things have gotten so out of control that one illegal turned his hefty social media following into a “how-to guide” for squatting, leading a wave of illegals to exploit this bewildering loophole and stake their claims on American homes.

Keith Woods:

Immigrant TikToker with over 300k followers advising illegal immigrants on how to take over homes of Americans via squatter’s rights laws.

He says his friends have already taken over 7 homes.

“If you see an empty house in America you can squat in it- there is a law that you can just squat in it”

This situation has turned into a real danger zone for law-abiding homeowners who, without realizing it, end up providing shelter for groups of heavily armed illegal immigrants. It’s a risky mess that no one signed up for. Some of these people just wanted to go on vacation, for crying out loud.

Collin Rugg:

JUST IN: Suspected Venezuelan illegals found squatting in the basement of a home in the Bronx.

Police found multiple loaded guns, three extended magazines, ammo, ketamine mixed with cocaine and a 7-year old child.

One of the migrants had previously been charged with attempted murder for shooting someone in the leg.

The police were called after one of the men was spotted with a gun next to a school.

A neighbor said the owner of the home had been trying to get them out for the “longest period of time” but couldn’t thanks to New York’s squatting laws.

The men were charged with “criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of controlled substance and acting in a manner injurious to a child.” (ABC7)

All of the men except for two were released without bail.

This is what the left votes for.

Comedian Ryan Long is tackling this madness with his best tool: humor. Sure, the situation isn’t a laughing matter—squatting has blown up into a huge problem in Joe Biden’s America. Yet, Ryan’s knack for comedy is casting a spotlight on the chaos, making the absurdity crystal clear for folks who might not grasp the full scope of what’s going down. It’s a clever way to show just how wild and harmful these Democrat policies have become, flipping things completely upside down.

This video will make you laugh, but it will also really drive home how insane our country has become under Joe Biden’s dementia-riddled “leadership.”

What’s truly alarming is how backwards things have gotten—you can almost picture these absurd scenarios like “squatter real estate agents” actually playing out, right? That’s where we’re at in Biden’s failed and injust America: nothing seems too far-fetched anymore, no matter how outrageous it might be. It’s a reflection of just how unpredictable and wild the current state of affairs has become, thanks to “leadership” that protects criminals and punishes decent Americans.