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It’s pretty remarkable—despite the barrage aimed at President Trump, including a slew of bogus criminal cases, he’s not only leading in polls over Biden but also pulling in more funds. The left must be scrambling, trying to crack the code on how to finally shake off MAGA. But here we are, with them rolling out one baseless case after another, while Trump counters using the actual law and justice system, and guess what? He’s making significant progress. A huge shoutout to Laura Loomer for kicking things off with this latest effort to bring “justice” back into our disgraced system. Her deep dive into Judge Merchan’s family connections laid bare a network of partisan ties, giving Trump the ammo he needed to push for a recusal.


President Trump and his lawyers filed a motion Friday demanding that Judge Merchan recuse himself from presiding over Trump’s upcoming trial on charges brought by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. Trump’s recusal motion cited Judge Merchan’s daughter’s work for Authentic Campaigns and her X account as the primary reasons for Merchan’s recusal. Loomer exclusively reported that Loren Merchan is the partner and part-owner of Authentic Campaigns, a firm whose “featured client” is the Biden-Harris Campaign. Loren Merchan’s X account, known as @LorenM426, featured a profile picture of President Trump behind bars in a jail cell. The facts make it clear that Judge Merchan must recuse himself for President Trump to receive a fair trial.

President Trump’s recusal motion mentions Loren Merchan’s work with Authentic Campaigns, “Your Honor’s daughter, Loren Merchan, has a direct financial interest in these proceedings by virtue of her ownership stake and leadership role at Authentic Campaigns, Inc. Based on public disbursements data, Authentic, which services exclusively Democrat clients, is the #21 ranked vendor in the country in connection with the 2024 election.”

The recusal motion also mentions Loren Merchan’s X account, “Ms. Merchan apparently “deleted” an X account that contained posts reflecting hostility toward President Trump “last April,” the same month that Your Honor solicited an ethics opinion regarding recusal in a letter containing information that the Court declined to disclose to the defense or the public. The suspicious timing of the alleged decision by Ms. Merchan to “delete” the X account, as well as more recent developments relating to the account, further support this motion.”

Plus, word on the street is that Laura Loomer has managed to connect some pretty pricey dots between Merchan’s daughter and Adam Schiff, the disgraced Dem operative infamous for pushing the phony Russia hoax.

Also, as investigative journalist Julie Kelly has highlighted, Judge Merchan’s gag order seems less about fairness and more about shielding his radical left-wing daughter’s business activities.

Here’s a closeup of the image Julie shared:

Jesse Watters also zeroed in on this absurd “gag order,” which appears tailor-made to safeguard Democrats. It’s a clear case of them using the judicial system as a weapon against President Trump, meddling in yet another US election.

It makes perfect sense that President Trump’s legal team is pushing to get this biased, activist judge and his entire progressive family off this case, and they’ve officially made their move. Investigative reporter Laura Loomer, always on top of things, dropped the details on the judge’s recusal and even threw in a bombshell video on X. Here’s what she had to say:

BREAKING: President Trump just filed a motion requesting Judge Merchan’s RECUSAL from his trial.

The motion cites facts from my reporting.

1) Judge Merchan’s daughter Loren Merchan is the part owner of a company called Authentic Campaigns that has received more than $18 million in disbursements from anti-Trump Democrat candidates and elected officials since the case against Trump began.

2) Authentic @Authentic_HQ has performed a ton of work for Joe Biden & Kamala Harris, and has received disbursements from a PAC linked to their current Presidential campaign.

3) One of Authentic’s biggest clients is @AdamSchiff, who has solicited donations based on actions in the Stormy Daniels case. At least 5 other confirmed Authentic Campaigns clients have done the same. This happened around the time of the indictment filing, around the arraignment, and even after Judge Merchan first refused to recuse himself.

4) Merchan has talked to the press about the trial, as well as his daughter, while at the same time gagging President Trump from speaking about his own trial and this egregious CONFLICT OF INTEREST. This is an unconstitutional double-standard that unfairly tilts the scales of justice.

It’s another example of WEAPONIZED GOVERNMENT in @JoeBiden’s America.

Here are closeups of the images Laura shared:

Once again, when it boils down to the nitty-gritty of the actual law, Trump usually comes out on top. This time, thanks to insights from a retired US Federal Judge from the Southern District of New York, who laid it all out for a visibly disappointed-looking Kaitlin Collins. She highlighted some very convincing points about why Judge Merchan isn’t the right fit to continue overseeing this (sham) case. Laura Loomer is back on the case. Here’s what she said:

MUST WATCH: Shira Scheindlin, a retired US Federal Judge from the Southern District of New York told @kaitlancollins of CNN that President Trump’s motion requesting Judge Merchan recuse himself is “strong”. She said the judge’s daughters’ social media (which I exposed) and her financial ties to anti-Trump Democrats show that she would substantially benefit from her father being the judge in the case.

As I reported on Friday, my exclusive reporting was cited in President Trump’s motion requesting Judge Merchan recuse himself.

Just look at how pissed off Kaitlan Collins looks. You’ve got to love it.

President Trump and his legal team filed the motion requesting recusal on Friday. His trial in NYC is set to begin on April 15th, 2024 if Judge Merchan doesn’t recuse himself.

When the law is truly followed—something that’s become rather rare in Biden’s upside-down United States—President Trump prevails. The challenges he’s encountering are far from being about “law and order” or “justice”; they’re politically motivated attacks meant to warp our legal system to stop the more popular presidential candidate. These shady tactics are what you’d expect to see from regimes in Russia or North Korea, not the US. Yet, in the current climate under Biden’s regime, it seems everything is fair game to keep a hold on power and dominance.