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Tucker Carlson recently had a fascinating sit-down with Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, in what might be one of the most insightful “Big Tech” interviews you’ll ever see. While you may not have heard of him, Durov is a significant figure in the realm of “Big Tech.” Operating his mega platform, Telegram, out of Dubai, this Russian entrepreneur is shedding light on just how desperate our government is to silence dissenting voices. Thanks to his quest to support free speech and free thinking, Pavel is walking around with a giant target on his back. As a matter of fact, things got so dicey for young Pavel that the US government even tried to hire one of his employees to spy on users: “They wanted him to code open-source tools into the app that would serve as backdoors.”

Let freedom ring, right?

When Pavel started Telegram, which now boasts nearly a billion users, he had planned to headquarter the company in the Big Tech utopia of San Francisco. However, something significant altered his course. He was attacked while strolling down the street, which served as his first red flag that San Francisco wasn’t the right fit for him. Ironically, according to Pavel, the United States is the only country he’s been attacked in. That shouldn’t surprise you, especially in soft-on-crime liberal cities like San Francisco.

Clearly, folks are itching for social media platforms that let them speak their minds, no strings attached. Everyone’s tired of the heavy “government” moderation on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others. Those sites feel too much like a nanny state. These sites also play favorites, especially politically, so it’s no wonder that people are looking elsewhere for platforms where they can say what they want and how they want without fear of an FBI smackdown.


The encrypted messaging app Telegram has reached more than 900 million active users and should pass the one-billion mark within a year, its boss said in an interview published Wednesday.

“Telegraph is spreading like a forest fire. Two-and-a-half million users sign up every day,” said Pavel Durov, the Russian who founded the company alongside his brother Nikolai, in a rare interview with controversial right-wing US talk show host Tucker Carlson.

People “love the independence. They also love the privacy, the freedom, (there are) a lot of reasons why somebody would switch to Telegram”, Durov told Carlson.

The encrypted messaging app, based in Dubai, has positioned itself as an alternative to US-owned platforms, which have been criticised for their commercial exploitation of users’ personal data. Telegram has committed itself to never disclosing any information about its users.

Darren Beattie from Revolver had some interesting insights on Tucker’s deep dive into Telegram. He made a keen observation about how our country’s intelligence agencies have played a role in undermining America, which has fueled the popularity of platforms like Telegram. In other words, if the US government wants to know who “radicalized” Americans, perhaps they should look in the mirror.


The founder of telegram cites two principal reasons he didn’t HQ the company in San Francisco

1) he was attacked on the streets
2) intelligence agencies were too aggressive trying to put back door in Telegram

Rogue intelligence agencies and violent dysgenic filth on the streets pretty much encapsulate why America has become a shithole country

Sadly, the CIA-esque censorship issue has unfortunately become the norm on social media platforms. The internet is like the Wild West, with the government acting like the new sheriff in town, ready to clean it all up. But another crucial aspect of this narrative, as Darren Beattie pointed out, shines a light on a growing problem in the US. Americans are confronted with unimaginable realities in big liberal cities: crime, human waste, and drug paraphernalia littering the streets. This way of life is now being normalized as a “part and parcel” aspect of living in large, liberal-run American cities. What’s truly alarming is that it’s tolerated and accepted by the masses in what’s supposed to be the most powerful country on earth.