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There’s a ton of buzz about the so-called “hush money” trial unfolding in New York City. Can President Trump really expect a fair trial in the liberal stronghold of Manhattan? Not a chance—and that seems to be exactly the point. It’s just another play from the left’s election interference playbook, deploying activist judges and juries to secure the verdict they crave: guilty. At the heart of this trial is none other than erstwhile porn actress Stormy Daniels, a name that has lingered in the media spotlight. While many of us are familiar with her notorious “Trump affair” story, there are significant, overlooked details about a piece that hasn’t seen the light of day for about 11 years, and now, thanks to an insider source who spoke to Revolver, it’s time for that piece of the puzzle to see the light of day.

As for the hush money trial that has thrust Stormy and her claims of a sordid affair into the public spotlight, the most reputable legal experts are labeling the case as a humiliating black mark on the US injustice system.


Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley said Monday on Fox News Channel’s “America Reports” that former President Donald Trump’s New York trial for allegedly falsifying business records is an “embarrassment.”

Turley said, “What is clear is in this case, Trump is right this is an embarrassment. The fact that we are actually talking about this case being presented in a New York court room leaves me in utter disbelief.”

He continued, “The arguments today did in fact capture all the problems here. You had this misdemeanor under state law that had run out. This is going back related to the 2016 election. They zapped it back into life by alleging that there was a campaign finance violations under the federal laws that doesn’t exist.

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As it stands now, President Trump is caught in the crosshairs of a partisan, politically weaponized plot, and he’s been effectively muzzled. The activist judge overseeing this sham trial has imposed what’s widely criticized as an unconstitutional gag order, which seems to shield his daughter and her left-wing business buddies more than anything else. Needless to say, President Trump is testing the boundaries of this unjust order at every turn.

When you consider what’s unfolding with this trial, many are asking, aside from the obvious political motives, how did such a weak case even reach trial? Well, if you read the New York Times today, the version of the story they published seems cleverly crafted and riddled with gaping holes.

The New York Times:

Stormy Daniels tried to benefit from Donald J. Trump’s political momentum in early 2016, setting off the saga that ultimately resulted in his criminal trial.

Her agent reached out to Dylan Howard, editor of The National Enquirer, and editorial chiefs at other publications, seeking about $200,000 to tell her story of having sex with Mr. Trump a decade before when he was at a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nev.

Ms. Daniels had no takers.

Mr. Howard thought her story had little value because it had already been written about on a gossip site in 2011. At the time, she had publicly denied the encounter.

A month before the presidential election, her story’s value suddenly increased. On Oct. 7, 2016, The Washington Post published a recording of Mr. Trump on the set of “Access Hollywood” talking about groping women.

Buried in this excerpt is a significant little detail: despite the fact that Stormy Daniels at the time denied an affair with Trump, she gave an interview telling the story of her affair to a tabloid in 2011. This story was then published in 2011 and had been in the public domain for quite some time. Our source, who has direct knowledge of such matters, offered corroborating information that further highlights the farce that is the case against Trump.

According to our inside source, the real backstory of this saga is far more complex and scheming than you might have imagined. Speaking under the condition of anonymity, our source provided insight into how Team Stormy’s secretive and meticulously coordinated extortion plot came to be. Our source also highlighted a critical error made in this “extortion plot” about thirteen years ago that, frankly, should derail this sham trial completely, along with the actual reason behind that infamous NDA.

As suggested, the Stormy saga dates back much further than many realize, all the way to 2011. Our source revealed that Stormy’s manager, Gina Rodriguez, who is a well-connected media operative, had been attempting to peddle Stormy’s “Trump story” for six months before disgraced former lawyer and convicted felon Michael Cohen took over managing the deal in the messy aftermath of the Access Hollywood tape release. However, prior to that, our source reveals that back in 2011, Team Stormy had already shared her “Trump affair” tale with a tabloid called In Touch Magazine, which at the time was owned by the German conglomerate Bauer. However, no deal was struck to publish the story in that particular magazine, and so it remained under wraps until years later. This does not mean that the story had to wait years to see the light of day. Bauer, the parent company of In Touch, cleverly sidestepped its confidentiality provision with Stormy Daniels by publishing her story in a sister publication called Life & Style Magazine—this is a crucial detail that has been largely lost amid the current anti-Trump hysteria. This now brings us back to Gina Rodriguez, who, in April 2016, right as Trump’s campaign was gaining momentum, saw dollar signs and attempted once again to shop Stormy’s story, but she had no luck. Why? Because at that point, as the New York Times excerpt suggests, the story had already been in the public domain since 2011, having been published by Life & Style, and everybody in the media industry knew it.

This under-explored aspect of the Stormy saga raises a game-changing question: If Stormy’s tale had already hit the newsstands back in 2011 and splashed across Life & Style Magazine, both in print and online, how on earth could she have been “muzzled” later by supposed campaign finance and shady election meddling conspiracies being peddled by Alvin Bragg? The story was out there for all to see, right? So, clearly, something just doesn’t quite add up. What this boils down to is a thirteen-year-old slip in Stormy Daniels’ alleged extortion plot, likely driven by unchecked greed and really bad timing. Now, assuming it’s real, the 2011 Life & Style article would stand as a glaring gap in the prosecution’s case, essentially torpedoing it, if we were living in a serious country where justice actually mattered.

Another puzzling aspect of this case is whether or not Team Trump is even aware of the Life & Style story. In their defense, actually locating the story is no small task; our search on Google turned up nothing. It’s also absent from the archived articles on Life & Style’s website. Draw your own conclusions, but by all accounts, it seems the Life & Style article has mysteriously disappeared, making this obscure part of the “hush money” saga feel like one of the best-kept non-secret secrets in the world.

One thing Team Trump is fully aware of is the “extortion plot” that targeted the former president.

When it comes to that infamous NDA, our source has an intriguing take: it wasn’t some grand scheme to shield Trump, his campaign, or any other pretextual reason. Nope, according to them, the NDA’s sole purpose was to safeguard Melania.

In terms of the 2011 phantom article, our source is aware of the disappearance of the Life & Style piece. However, they claim a former blogger by the name of Nik Richie, who ran a gossip site called, reported on Trump’s alleged infidelity with Daniels in October 2011, just five months after the In Touch interview and the Life & Style article. Even if you try using the trusty Wayback Machine, you won’t find anything from past 2004. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack, only to realize the haystack vanished into thin air.

It’s starting to feel like a game of internet hide-and-seek, isn’t it? Just like the Life & Style piece, it seems any trace of Nik’s blog has conveniently vanished into thin air. While Revolver is unable to confirm the existence of the 2011 Life & Style article, thanks to a string of internet coincidences, we stand by our source.

UPDATE: Revolver confirmed the existence of the 2011 story after it went live, citing an article from dated October 12, 2011.


According to rooted-in-scandal, Trump stepped out on knockout wife Melania Trump—while she was pregnant with their son Barron—with porn star Stormy Daniels.

Ugh, he is so fired. Or is he?

Hang onto your trust funds, heirs, because this rumor is…

So false.

Both Trump and Daniels are vehemently denying the story about the two of them hooking up after Trump had played in a golfing event and then meeting up multiple times afterward. Daniels herself told E! News that she’s not commenting, but the story is “bulls–t.”

So you can imagine what Trump’s lawyers are saying.

Stormy denied the story her team planted at that time, likely aiming to stay on the safe side with Trump’s lawyers.

In addition, Revolver was able to find this 2011 article discussing the so-called Stormy/Trump affair:

This is just another head-scratching piece in a puzzle riddled with politics and greed. The Deep State is trying to take down a man whose only real “crime” was daring to make America great again and clinching victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. And for that, the shadowy figures of the uniparty regime seem hell-bent on seeing him behind bars or worse. They’ll stop at nothing, even if it means cozying up to disgraced, washed-up porn stars to get their way.