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Sometimes the trash takes itself out. Case in point: Dr. Kate S., a proud rape apologist who was part of Google’s “child safety” team, has just been shown the door. She made headlines for all the wrong reasons after a past tweet of hers went viral. In it, she chastised “Karens” for holding “men of color” responsible for rape. Yes, you heard that right. This disturbing tweet from the so-called Google “child safety” strategist left decent people absolutely floored. It’s a really frightening reminder of who’s been in charge of what we’re supposed to consider “safety” online.

Here’s what Dr. Kate S. had to say about “Karen” women who complain about being raped:

do not be swayed by karens and their crocodile imperial feminism against rape. it plays right into long tradition of yt women weaponizing femininity/motherhood to discipline/punish men of color

Emmett Till, Vincent Chen, Rassenschande — all in the name of white sexuality
listen to what these karens are actually saying: the sensationalist/vague words, extreme numbers, secondhand accounts describing imagined violence at the cost of ACTUAL violence on the ground in Palestine /

great debunking from @intifada

@intifada as feminists we should care abt 🇵🇸mothers giving birth w/o medical aid, girls too malnourished for puberty, women w/o menstruation pads AND fathers uncles sons who are caretaking their communities

feminism is #ceasefireNOW, #freePalestine next, and anti-militarism 5ever

This disturbing, sick, and perverted woman, who was supposedly protecting children, has been fired from her position at Google. But hold the applause. Before you think that Google suddenly grew a conscience and actually cares about kids and women, think again. They didn’t fire her because she’s pro-rape. No, they let her go because she participated in some hour-long event aiming to take over Google due to their contracts with Israel.

As a side note, people who look like this, expect to be taken seriously.


Let’s be honest, that’s a lot of mental illness in one photo, folks.  Needless to say, pro-rape activist Kate S. took to X, where she announced that she had been fired.

This woman exemplifies what a full-blown Marxist radical looks and sounds like. And guess what? These are the types of people who are in charge of social media. They label us degenerates while controlling what we can say and think. It’s downright terrifying to consider the amount of power and influence they wield over public discourse

Here’s what Libs of TikTok had to say about Kate S’s firing:

Google isn’t the real world; it’s more like a daycare for mentally sick adults. And it seems the inmates who were running the asylum are starting to realize that even the most unhinged corporations have their limits. It’s a shame that being pro-rape isn’t enough to get you fired from Google, which just goes to show the depth of the cesspool we’re dealing with. However, the good news is that they’re not too big to fall. Much like the US, Google is facing its own kind of internal demolition at the hands of radical left-wing crazies, like Dr. Kate S. Sure, it’s a slow burn, but one that could eventually lead to their downfall, God willing.