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President Trump is battling through a string of sham trials, each orchestrated with the hope of landing him behind bars and derailing his 2024 campaign. It’s a blatant attempt at election interference, and most Americans can see right through it. They recognize this for what it is: an unfair political circus designed to take down Trump.


[…] 56% said they are not too confident or not at all confident Trump will receive a fair trial, given the jury pool from New York is largely made up of those who likely did not vote for him. The survey showed 44% were very confident or somewhat confident Trump would receive a fair trial.

However, there was an unexpected twist in the Deep State’s plan to take down Trump when two of the three main trials were postponed, with little chance of proceeding before the 2024 election. One of these is Jack Smith’s “classified documents” case—a total sham from the start, but it’s becoming even more bizarre as it unfolds. Before we dive deeper into the latest on the classified docs case, it’s important to note that the original plot to destroy Trump with documents didn’t directly involve classified information. It seems the scheme has morphed over time but began as a “records destruction” plot. They were really fishing for anything to throw at President Trump, and the lead orchestrator of this scheme was none other than David Ferriero.

Investigative reporter Julie Kelly suggests that the first attempt to take down President Trump was likely based on a “records destruction” case. She draws this idea from a draft letter to Garland penned by none other than David Ferriero, the archivist behind the classified documents case and a man with a clear anti-Trump bias.

Julie Kelly:

As I have stated before, it appears that DOJ, NARA, and WH counsel first attempted to concoct a records destruction case against Trump.

New unsealed email from NARA lawyer includes a draft letter to AG Garland from archivist David Ferriero.

This is dated Sept 2021:

Here’s a closeup of the letter Julie shared online:

Clearly, the regime decided to concoct a classified documents case against Trump, with David Ferriero steering that ship as well. Now, here’s where it gets intriguing. Julie Kelly is stirring the pot again, sharing several bombshell posts on X that reveal White House visitor logs show Mr. Ferriero spent quite a bit of time with White House counsel during the early stages of the classified docs case.

Julie Kelly:

NEW: White House visitor log shows that David Ferriero, Obama-appointed national archivist involved in the early stages of the “classified documents” scheme against Trump, met with Biden’s WH counsel Dana Remus twice at the White House in Sept 2021:

Ferriero called J6 the “worst day of his life” and started threatening Team Trump in the summer of 2021 with making a criminal referral to DOJ over alleged “destroyed” presidential records.

Dana Remus worked for Obama’s DOJ then went to Obama Foundation where she served as counsel to Michelle Obama.

Barack Obama officiated her 2018 wedding.

Here’s a closeup of the images Julie shared:

The day before Ferriero’s Sept 2 meeting with Remus at the White House, NARA general counsel Gary Stern circulated a draft letter to AG Merrick Garland

Remus appears to refer to the Sept 8 meeting in her letter to Ferriero denying exec privilege protection for Trump related to demands by J6 select committee.

It also appears that Ferriero brought documents to her for review at that meeting.

During the same time period, deputy general counsel Jonathan Su was in routine communication with NARA about the so-called “missing” and/or destroyed boxes.

Ferriero falsely suggesting Trump had destroyed presidential records. Stern attended the Sept 8 with Ferriero and Remus:

Here’s a closeup of the images Julie shared:

Why is it that so many key figures involved in the effort to take down President Trump are frequently on record meeting with White House counsel?

There’s a definite pattern emerging here, one that even Stevie Wonder could clearly see. Joe Biden’s White House is knee-deep in orchestrating this political hit job and election interference against President Trump and the American people, and at this point, they’re not even trying to hide it.