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Many elites are reaping what they sowed, aren’t they? In Democrat-run New York City, criminals seem to have all the rights, while law-abiding Americans are left holding the short end of the stick. This is precisely what the Democrats promised with their convoluted, anti-American “sanctuary city” laws and the absurd squatter laws that prioritize criminals over homeowners. We’ve heard one horror story after another of squatters taking over homes while families are away on vacation or caring for sick relatives in other states. And when homeowners attempt to remove these criminal trespassers, they’re the ones who end up in trouble, both criminally and legally.

Charging homeowners in these scenarios should be considered the real crime.

These poor homeowners had their dream turn into a living nightmare, thanks to the leeches and dregs of humanity squatting in their house.

It’s a topsy-turvy version of America that radical Democrats have fostered, and now voters are experiencing the consequences firsthand. And it seems they’re not too pleased—particularly this Brooklyn million-dollar homeowner whose house was torched by squatters he couldn’t evict.

Now, he’s speaking out, claiming squatters have more rights than hardworking Americans. He’s right, but he also probably voted for this, didn’t he?

The New York Post:

The frustrated owner of a Brooklyn home that was torched by squatters said he’s repeatedly tried to do the right thing to fix up the house — but the intruders “keep coming back,” he told The Post.

Zafar Iqbal, a 53-year-old MTA worker who bought the Dyker Heights home for $1.1 million in 2017, said he’s now shelling out $6,000 a month in mortgage and going broke — thanks to the unwelcome intruders.

He’s even afraid to go near his own house for fear of the people who have taken up residence there.

“Every two or three weeks I go there but I don’t approach,” Iqbal said. “I don’t know if these guys have weapons or whatever. My safety is precious too.”

The house at 1237 67th Street in Dyker Heights was taken over by squatters who burned it down in November.

The latest victim of the city’s squatter nightmare, Iqbal said he’s been waiting three months for his insurance claim to go through so he can finally spruce up the property that has become an eyesore.

Hey, a squatter’s got to puff on a cigarette and get some mood lighting from candles, right? The New York Post article goes on:

“I got a couple of contractors, they started working on the house,” he said. “Next thing I know I got a call from the fire department that the house is burnt out. Somebody got in there and torched my house.

“That’s when I found out it was a squatter living there. The squatters have more rights than the homeowners. I’m the owner of the house. How much more can I do? I need help.”

Squatters have become a menace throughout the Big Apple in recent years, thanks to a post-pandemic jump in homelessness, the migrant crisis and a massive backlog of cases in the city’s housing courts, experts said.

The 8-bedroom house at 1237 67th Street has been just one of the targets, and a source of neighborhood complaints.

Squatters wreaked havoc on the block, stealing from neighbors, damaging other homes and smashing security cameras — until one intruder burned the house down, causing an estimated $900,000 in damage.

Alleged squatter Cheng Chen, 46, was charged with arson and criminal mischief in the Nov. 29 blaze and was hit with a six-month jail term after pleading guilty.

He told cops he was smoking cigarettes and lit candles, then went to heat up water to stay warm and decided to take a shower, only to return to see the flames, according to a criminal complaint filed in the case.

This homeowner is going to go bankrupt, thanks to criminal squatters. The New York Post piece concludes:

Meanwhile, the bills keep mounting.

“I don’t make that type of money and I’m paying all that money out of my pocket,” he said. “This is costing me. It’s not right.

“It’s stressful for everybody,” he added.

“My wife is upset. Her health is not that good and this is just compounding it more. This is not good for my neighbors. I treat my neighbors as a family…”

Squatting is a big problem all over the US; however, it’s reaching epidemic levels” in New York City, mainly because local criminals and illegals know they can manipulate our idiotic system to their advantage.

Voting for Democrats sure comes with its fair share of dire consequences. Do you reckon Americans are catching on to that yet?” Sadly, thanks to failed and idiotic Dem policies, this is the mess we find ourselves in. With the flood of illegals and the issue of squatters, Americans are sinking fast.