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Michael Avenatti, also known as the “Creepy Porn Lawyer” and now a prisoner, has been making some noise from behind bars. He’s currently serving time for his criminal antics, and Avenatti has been talking around the commissary about the political targeting of President Trump—and, true to form, it’s becoming quite the spectacle. In a surprising twist, Avenatti is now jumping to President Trump’s defense, criticizing the unfairness of slapping unconstitutional gag orders on him while his enemies are allowed to freely speak their minds. Avenatti is pointing fingers at the recent gag order from Judge Merchan, who’s overseeing the sham “hush money” case tied to washed-up porn actress Stormy Daniels. According to Avenatti, these gag orders are excessive, and others believe they’re being used to shield the judge’s daughter’s left-leaning ties and business activities.

These are factors that many legal experts believe should disqualify Judge Merchan from the case. Avenatti took to X and called out this shameful double standard.

Below is the MSNBC segment:

That was quite the coping session, wasn’t it? The case is “weak” because it’s politically driven. These elites are so cozy and cocooned in their bubbles that they are lost when the story doesn’t stick to their script. But one thing is for sure: the script they’re dealing with now is nothing short of bizarre. It’s a strange day when we find ourselves nodding along with Michael Avenatti, but here we are. He’s spot on this time. And while President Trump is facing down this blatant unfairness, he isn’t just sitting around, twiddling his thumbs; he’s fighting back with everything he’s got. That includes going after clips from Stormy’s “documentary.”

Lots of folks are scratching their heads over why Avenatti’s suddenly playing this angle. But when you break it down, it’s clear that he’s got nothing left to lose by spilling the truth. After all, he’s already in prison and may even be angling for a pardon in the event that Trump returns to the White House. And then there’s Michael Cohen, who is still dangling by a thread. So Avenatti, always the opportunist, keeps feeding the media exactly what they crave. But now, he can dial down the drama about Trump being the ultimate villain out to conquer the world and speak more like a “lawyer.” Hey, maybe, just maybe, the real “bad guys” are the ones trying to lock up their top political rival, huh? Something to think about.