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Mark your calendars, folks, because May 7th could be a big day in the Peach State now that a long-awaited report on the 2020 election has been completed and found—you guessed it—election violations. How many or how serious, we don’t know yet. The findings from the report are set to be discussed at the May 7th election board meeting. Could this spell the end for the 2020 election “fair election” peddlers? Those government bootlickers who’ve spent so much energy trying to convince the American public that 2020 was the most fair and transparent election in US history? Time will tell.

Here’s what reporter Emerald Robinson said about the report:

BREAKING: The long awaited report from an investigation (SEB2023-25) into errors found in both the hand count & a machine count from the 2020 presidential election in Fulton Co. is officially on the agenda for a May 7th State Election Board meeting!

The investigation found violations into both the hand audit and machine count according to citizen investigator Joe Rossi.

Well, so much for Bill Barr and our three-letter agencies claiming that 2020 was the “most secure election in all the land,” eh? Sadly, many of us knew the truth years ago but were labeled “election deniers,” traitors, and other nasty names for speaking out and questioning what was happening back in 2020, with floods of unregulated mail-in ballots, bizarre drop boxes, and ballot harvesting. Our government and media gaslit Americans into believing 2020 was secure and fair, and then ostracized anyone who didn’t agree with the official regime narrative.

Georgia’s election board now admits to at least some 2020 violations of election law in writing.

Will anything come of this? Who knows? But one thing is for sure: none of this should surprise anyone who’s been keeping an eye on things lately. After all, Georgia is starting to resemble Obama’s old stomping grounds in sleazy Chicago when it comes to political corruption. And speaking of GA corruption, yet another bombshell scandal is looming, threatening to further derail Big Fani’s sham case against President Trump, with RINO Brian Kemp caught up in the mess too.

Georgia Record:

The Georgia Record reported over the weekend the removal of thousands of ‘anonymous’ contributions from the Georgia campaign finance website, totaling millions of dollars, for Governor Brian Kemp.

Removal of this data, which could show massive money laundering, is a crime.

Now it seems Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who is leading the lawfare effort in Georgia against former President Trump and his affiliates, is also in on the game.

The Georgia Record can report that over 200 ‘anonymous’ contributions for Willis have been removed from the Georgia official campaign finance website.

The slight silver lining to these corruption stories is that some measures have been passed in Georgia so that a ballot free-for-all like what unfolded in 2020 can’t happen again.

However, the real issue is that we shouldn’t have mail-in ballots at all. For that matter, there shouldn’t be a month of “pre-election” voting either, and everyone should be required to show an ID. All of this might seem like “Captain Obvious” stuff, but the fact that we’re still forced to talk about these basics makes frustration over our unsecured US elections even more pronounced.