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Most recognize Puff Daddy, or Diddy, from his transformation from “gangster rapper” to fashion mogul, or as the ultimate party host, or as the frontman for the left’s “Vote or Die” initiative. But now it’s coming to light that Sean Combs might have also been at the helm of a vast sex trafficking and blackmail operation, one that could rival Jeffrey Epstein’s. If this turns out to be true, Mr. Combs could be staring at the same grim end that cut short Mr. Epstein’s reign.

As more details about Diddy come to light, the question on many people’s minds is: Was Puff Daddy another “Epstein”? We actually covered this disturbing angle recently, referring to Sean Combs as the “Black Epstein.” It appears we may have been right over the target with that one…


What many Americans might not have caught onto is that the left had their own “black” version of Jeffrey Epstein, a sleazy figure who’s been operating under the radar for quite some time. It’s only starting to unravel now with the downfall of Sean “Puffy” Combs, known to many as “Diddy,” “Puff Daddy,” or “P. Diddy.”

The Mirror:

According to Lil Rod’s lawsuit, Diddy – whose real name is Sean Combs – stashed a number of hidden cameras in his properties in Los Angeles and on Star Island. The filing read: “While living and traveling with Mr. Combs, Mr. Jones discovered that Mr. Combs had hidden cameras in every room of his home.”

The filing continued: “[Combs] has recordings of several celebrities, artists, music label executives, and athletes engaging in illegal activity…these individuals were recorded without their knowledge and consent.”

It also added: “Mr Combs possesses compromising footage of every person who has attended his freak-off parties and his house parties.”


The lawsuit alleges that Combs regularly hosted “sex-trafficking parties” which included the use of illegal drugs.

It has been reported separately that the singer’s alleged “mule” was arrested on drug charges at Miami airport while the rapper’s LA and Miami mansions were raided by the police. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, 25-year-old Brendan Paul was arrested on Monday and charged with two separate charges: One count for possession of suspected cocaine and another for suspected marijuana possession.

In the paperwork, officers alleged they came across suspected “contraband” in Paul’s travel bags and after the suspected narcotics were tested, they were found to be illegal substances. This led to Paul’s arrest. The suspect was held in custody but later bailed. There has so far been no evidence that connects the drugs reportedly found in Paul’s possession with Diddy. Paul is set to appear in court on April 24.

High-profile names

Record producer Jones claimed in his £24million lawsuit against Diddy that the rapper’s “affiliation” to big-name celebrities gave him and his associates “legitimacy”. Links to such prominent figures, Jones’ lawyers claimed, meant guests were drawn to the rapper’s alleged sex-trafficking parties.

Court documents filed in New York last month claim Diddy had “access to celebrities such as famous athletes, political figures, artists, musicians, and international dignitaries”.

Sex workers

Jones also claimed the rapper was regularly partying with sex workers and “underage girls”. He claimed Diddy would make attendees of his parties sign nondisclosure agreements. Jones accused the musician of threatening and forcing minors into “commercial sex acts”. Jones also claimed he was forced to hire prostitutes for Combs in Miami, where sex work is illegal.

In separate proceedings in december last year, Cassie Ventura claimed she was subjected to torrents of abuse from her former long-term partner. The singer alleged she had been coerced by Combs “to engage in a fantasy of his called ‘voyeurism.’” She claimed she was directed to have sex with several male prostitutes while Diddy watched, masturbated, took pictures and shot video. He called them “freak-offs.”

Gee, all that was missing was a private island in the Caribbean…

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So, was Sean “Diddy” Combs used by the regime as another “Epstein-like” figure employed to control politicians and other influential figures? His former bodyguard thinks so, and he’s convinced there are tapes out there with the potential to topple many high-profile individuals.


The former bodyguard of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ claims the music mogul had blackmail tapes of politicians, princes and other prominent individuals who were involved in his sex parties.

Combs, who has been hit with a barrage of physical abuse, rape and sexual trafficking allegations, had his homes in Miami and Los Angeles raided by the Department of Homeland Security last month, during which federal agents seized computers and other electronic devices.

Gene Deal, who was present the night when Notorious B.I.G. was fatally shot in 1997, made the sensational comments during an interview with ‘The Art of Dialogue’ YouTube channel.

The plot thickens, folks…

Typically, when the feds deploy that level of force, they have a specific target in mind—take the Mar-a-Lago raid as an example. There’s buzz that they were on the hunt for a classified “binder” rumored to implicate Obama and other goons in the Russia hoax. So, it raises the question: were the feds also searching for blackmail tapes or files at Diddy’s place?

Whatever the case may be, this will be yet another appalling “list” that the American public will probably remain in the dark about. It seems like this is becoming all too common nowadays. While average American citizens like Douglass Mackey, the Praying J6 Grandmother, and other J6 political prisoners are raked over the coals by the tyrannical US government, political elites and other influential figures are perpetually shielded from being exposed as the scumbags and criminals they really are.

Let freedom ring.