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If you’re a regular Revolver reader, you know that we’ve been calling out the “DEI” problem for years.

Affirmative action is not something that can be crushed with a single decree of the Supreme Court. Affirmative action, quotas, and other forms of ethnic favoritism and patronage have become integral to the American system. Rooting it out will be a long struggle — a struggle that American patriots must be ready to fight. The Supreme Court is not going to rescue us singlehandedly. Ultimately, we must rescue ourselves.

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Lately, the aviation industry has been in the spotlight for “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” hiring, where they appear to be choosing charity hires over excellence, and it’s starting to show in the most dangerous ways. But let’s not kid ourselves—DEI has infiltrated everywhere, even our nation’s police forces, particularly in the aftermath of the left’s disastrous “Defund the Police” campaign. It’s as though the priority has shifted to filling quotas based on checking off boxes rather than focusing on the qualifications that truly matter. Many are wondering that today, especially after a chilling video surfaced.

Here’s the backstory.

ABC 7:

15-year-old killed in Hesperia shootout was likely unarmed as she ran toward deputies, report says

The Fontana teenager killed this week alongside her father in a shootout with law enforcement in Hesperia was likely unarmed as she ran toward deputies, according to a new report.

The preliminary findings are a result of an investigation that’s been turned over to the California attorney general’s office, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

Citing an email from the attorney general’s office, the Times reported the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department notified the California Department of Justice that the deadly shooting could qualify under AB 1506. The law requires the justice department to investigate cases in which “the death to the unarmed civilian is caused by a California peace officer.”

In a 39-second video posted on social media Wednesday, San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dicus said that evidence suggested 15-year-old Savannah Graziano was “a participant in shooting at our deputies.” Dicus did not provide further specific details in the video.

Anthony John Graziano, a fugitive who had been wanted in the death of the teen’s mother, and his daughter were killed Tuesday in a shootout with deputies on the 15 Freeway in Hesperia after a 45-mile chase. Shots were fired at the officers from the pickup truck as it was being chased.

Once it came to a stop, the girl, wearing a tactical helmet and vest, got out and ran toward deputies amid a hail of gunfire, police said. Authorities are investigating whether she was shot by deputies or her father, or both.

Police have said the only weapon retrieved at the scene was a rifle in the truck, where Anthony Graziano died. There is police video of the shootout that authorities are reviewing.

This disturbing video shows a 15-year-old kidnapping victim, desperate to reach safety, running toward the police, only to be shot dead by officers she thought would protect her.

This is Savannah Graziano, the 15-year-old kidnapping victim who was tragically shot dead by police while running towards them for help in California.


What a horrific ending to an already nightmarish story.

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Here’s what folks online are saying about the shooting:

“Dear God, what have we come to??”

“I back the blue, but this shakes my confidence. Premature shots, crossfire, target identification, so many things wrong here. Especially the shotgun at close range ending the victims life. Really???!!! So sad.”

“Dear God, America is in total chaos.”

“Manslaughter felony charges for the deputies that shot the girl. There has to be consequences for law enforcement and much of their legal protection needs to be removed. That said local LEO in Florida pretty good and well trained. This is a training issue for the local LEO.”

“California, a place where innocent are killed, criminals are protected.”

“Maybe this is why cops should be hired off actual experience and skill, and not “muh diversity?” Here’s a reminder why I won’t be giving up my guns and allowing the government to do all the “protecting” for me, anytime soon….”

Look, being a cop isn’t a cakewalk, and we get that. They’re up against stress levels that most of us can’t begin to fathom. That’s precisely why it’s so important to make sure the cream of the crop is on the front lines—to protect and serve. Life is unpredictable. A high-stakes chase can happen out of the blue, and when it does, the priority is to bring it to a quick end. Tragically, in this instance, a young girl found herself in the crossfire. Instructed by an officer, she obeyed and ran towards safety, only to be gunned down by other overzealous and trigger-happy officers.

Make no mistake: the scumbag responsible for this entire mess is ultimately the kidnapper, but there are still important questions that need to be answered. And that’s where the rub lies: between the push for DEI and the “Defund the Police” insanity, the important, rigorous training that officers so desperately need is getting sidelined. And the fallout? It’s the innocent who pay the price, suffering the consequences of ideologically driven, dangerous left-wing policies.

According to Senator Thune’s website, “Defund the Police” is causing crime to soar.

It’s no coincidence that cities that have slashed their police budgets have seen huge increases in violence. As of the end of May, Portland, Oregon, was on track to exceed 1,000 shootings for this year. In the first 14 weeks of 2021, New York City shootings were up 81 percent.

But it’s not just happening in a couple of liberal-run cities; this devastating blow is occurring in left-wing cities all over America.

Fox News:

The movement to “defund the police” has created a dangerous “ripple effect” that is being felt in departments large and small, making communities across the U.S. less safe, law enforcement veterans say.

The Philadelphia Police Department currently operates at around 20% below its targeted staffing level. In Portland, Oregon — where hostilities toward law enforcement are particularly high — the city’s police department has lost more than 230 sworn officers through retirements or resignations since 2020. In Indiana, the Noblesville Police Department, operating with around 100 officers, is seeing fewer and fewer applications, according to local media.

Law enforcement veterans who spoke to Fox News Digital said short staffing has led to burnout among officers and morale is at an all-time low.

“I talk to law enforcement leaders on a daily basis. And in today’s world, their No. 1 problem is staffing,” retired Forth Worth Police Chief Jeff Halstead told Fox News. “And what you hear is the same drum being beaten: How are we going get ourselves through this? And what steps are we going to take to get our staffing back?”

That article from Fox News has people worried. They’re concerned that police are being hired for their political views instead of their skills, and it’s causing real problems for Americans. This isn’t just a guess—it’s really happening in police academies all over the country.

Jespa Journal:

A central theme of DEI training is that future police officers will be better able to meet community ex-pectations and manage successful interactions with resi-dents if they understand the culture of their community.


Police leaders and policy makers are looking to the training function as a part of the remedy for these prob-lems. For example, the Report of The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing (2015) recommended major changes to policing in the United States. Among those recommendations, there is a need for police departments to better emphasize areas of culture, diversity, equity, and inclusion and become more culturally competent in the way that they deal with diverse populations and com-munities. A central theme of DEI training is that future police officers will be better able to meet community ex-pectations and manage successful interactions with resi-dents if they understand the culture of their community. The DEI training that police officers receive in the police academy builds that foundation for the rest of their careers.

When we talk about public safety, the left’s prized initiatives—DEI and “Defund the Police”—are literally putting lives on the line. The tragic shooting of this young girl is a sad wake-up call and reminds us of how the left’s failed agenda can lead to real-world danger and even death.