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After watching DEI Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee struggle with 3rd-grade-level astronomy and trying to put on her eclipse glasses, you might just be tempted to DIE of embarrassment on her behalf—and no one would blame you. It was a folly to behold. But, as most of you are aware, Congress is full of inept and ignorant career politicians whose actions have left us baffled and horrified. At the forefront of this undistinguished group is Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, affectionately dubbed the Queen of DEI politics by some (including Revolver).

After all, this is the same woman who, back in 2017, powered through a seven-minute MSNBC interview with a bloody nose, never once stopping to address it.


In a live appearance Monday on MSNBC, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) sat through an entire interview with what appears to be blood running from her nose.

When MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing cut to Jackson Lee’s camera feed, the member of the Congressional Black Caucus said “Get away!” and motions for someone off camera to keep back.

Jackson Lee then went through the entire seven-minute interview without wiping her nose.

Sounds sanitary.

But it was Sheila’s venture into the realm of astronomy and her unique take on eclipses that truly showcased her DEI skillset. As you dive into Sheila’s profound musings on space and the celestial bodies, it’s important to remember that this is insight coming from a Yale graduate and a member of Congress for nearly 30 years.

Well, in Sheila’s defense, we’ve also heard murmurs that the sun is “almost” hot. Understandably, her astronomy insights left many with their jaws on the floor. Megyn Kelly, faced with the task of deciphering Ms. Lee’s explanation of lunar operations, gave up and dubbed her a “complete moron.”

And if Sheila’s astronomy expertise didn’t already leave you in awe, wait until you see how she put on her eclipse glasses—like poetry motion. The ease and confidence with which she navigates this simple act is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Has anyone checked on Ms. Lee’s vision to make sure everything’s still in sharp focus? Given her unconventional approach to eclipse-watching, it might be high time for an eye check-up. Unsurprisingly, the Babylon Bee didn’t let this moment pass by unnoticed, delivering a hefty dose of humor at Ms. Lee’s expense—a joke that likely flew right over her head and disappeared like those gassy moon vapors.

Those Yale folks must be green with envy.

In truth, Sheila Jackson Lee fully embodies the DEI debacle that’s unraveling and undermining our nation. We’re in an era where charity is hailed over merit, and skill and excellence are frowned upon. Ms. Lee is the poster child for this failed initiative.

And to make matters even worse, Sheila Jackson Lee doesn’t even wear her DEI mantle with kindness. Back in 2023, while she was in the race for Houston mayor, leaked audio revealed a less-than-stellar moment: Sheila Jackson Lee unleashing a tirade, complete with berating and cuss words hurled at her staff. Needless to say, this episode didn’t exactly endear her to voters, and her mayoral campaign flopped. But much to our chagrin, she’s still kicking up dust in Congress.


A serious country can’t thrive under the leadership of village idiots running on charity grants.