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The ongoing injustice and lawfare targeting President Trump are a testament to how America is losing its edge. Being dragged into debates over these ludicrous cases shows just how much the US has dumbed down under the bumbling direction of the out-of-touch uniparty. Darren Beattie asserted in a recent interview that the United States is broadcasting its ultimate stupidity and weakness to the world by engaging in this feeble and laughable lawfare.

And here we are, forced to discuss it, which only magnifies the absurdity and highlights to the world just how desperate, silly, and unserious our nation has become. Who could possibly take us seriously now? Spoiler alert: they don’t. The only ones buying into this farce are those suffering from Stage 5 TDS; their rationality has been hopelessly corroded by an irrational, bizarre hatred for one man—fuelled by a steady diet of regime-spun propaganda eagerly consumed by the left, who applaud like trained seals at every fake news crumb that’s thrown their way.

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Darren recently lit up the airwaves on the Real America’s Voice podcast, where he laid out how quickly a leader can tumble from the pinnacle of power to becoming a global punchline.

Unfortunately, the words stupid and embarrassing are the best ways to sum up these kangaroo trials, and we’re not the only ones who see it this way. Experts are also hanging their heads in shame. Professor Jonathan Turley is still trying to wrap his head around how this embarrassing case even made it this far.


Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley said Monday on Fox News Channel’s “America Reports” that former President Donald Trump’s New York trial for allegedly falsifying business records is an “embarrassment.”

Turley said, “What is clear is in this case, Trump is right this is an embarrassment. The fact that we are actually talking about this case being presented in a New York court room leaves me in utter disbelief.”

He continued, “The arguments today did in fact capture all the problems here. You had this misdemeanor under state law that had run out. This is going back related to the 2016 election. They zapped it back into life by alleging that there was a campaign finance violations under the federal laws that doesn’t exist. The Department of Justice doesn’t view it this way.”

Turley added, “On top of that, you got these tough factual issues that were laid out well by the Trump team saying someone else designated this as a legal expense and he was actually paid far in excess of this because this was a legal account. Also keep in mind, this is what Hillary Clinton’s people did. Remember when they funded the Steele Dossier which they denied to reporters, they put it as a legal expense. Then they fought the eventual fine they received from the federal government saying that it was a legal expense. Now you got some of the same Democrats supporting this bizarre theory.”

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Early on, Revolver was quick to spotlight the “nuclear option” deployed by the Biden Regime against President Trump. It’s a move that’s ugly, vicious, desperate, and profoundly un-American, one that will leave deep scars on our nation for decades to come.


How weak is Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump? Just to bring his coming indictment, Bragg had to resurrect an investigation after scuttling it for lack of a compelling case. Though the investigation started with grandiose dreams of finding massive tax violations or unwinding a vast criminal business empire, Bragg eventually had to settle for looking at Trump lawyer’s Michael Cohen’s alleged hush money payouts to stripper Stormy Daniels. Paying hush money isn’t a crime, though, so Bragg has to argue these de facto blackmail payments violated New York reporting standards for businesses. Even that crime is only a misdemeanor; to make it a felony, Bragg will have to argue that Trump’s hush money payments were ackshually an illegal contribution to his own campaign. In other words, New York officials will argue that Trump, who had the right to spend an unlimited amount of his own money on his campaign, broke campaign finance law by reimbursing his personal lawyer out of his own pocket for a nuisance payoff related to activity that allegedly occurred a decade prior to the campaign. The claim is a legal travesty. Over the past seven years, the criminal case against Trump has fallen from “secret meetings with Putin to betray America” to this unholy procedural abortion.

How political is Bragg’s case? When he was elected, Bragg published a “Day One” memo announcing he would no longer prosecute “low-level” crimes like fare evasion, prostitution, or resisting arrest, and would rely on “community solutions and support services” to combat epidemic shoplifting. Bragg is also the overgrown vermin who tried to charge bodega owner Jose Alba with murder for defending himself against a violent criminal.

You can read the entire provocative and bombshell piece here:

Trump Indictment Is Biden Regime’s “Nuclear Option” in the War on America

Sure, most foreign nations are polite enough not to openly criticize the un-American spectacle of dragging the White House frontrunner through endless show trials, but their silence speaks volumes. We all know what they’re thinking. It’s downright embarrassing, and the whole nation ought to be ashamed. Yet, tragically, a massive swath of our country cheers on this political circus like mindless fools.