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Gavin O’Blennis, a man who supposedly has a history with the FBI and is now supposedly with the CIA, is all over the news today. It appears that he got caught up in a hidden camera sting. This man, claiming he’s in the CIA, spilled the beans about slews of FBI agents mixing into the crowd on January 6th, which honestly didn’t surprise too many of us. But he didn’t just leave it there; he also let slip some of the sneaky ways US intelligence tries to trip up their political rivals right here at home. This “CIA contractor” wasn’t shy about dishing on everything from the ins and outs of intel tactics to chatting about destroying Alex Jones and “chopping off his legs.” If this story holds under scrutiny, it’s yet another massive revelation that our three-letter agencies have totally gone off the rails.

However, it’s fair to note that even though Mr. O’Blennis claims to be employed by the CIA, according to OANN, his current position on “LinkedIn” states that he works for the Department of Homeland Security.

From our latest bombshell piece exposing one of the key architects of the pipe bomb cover-up:

So we learn that the ATF was not only utterly instrumental in handling the response to the January 6 pipe bombs; we learn that it was the ATF that brought the CIA in to help with their bomb sniffing dogs. How interesting that not only is CIA involvement on January 6 confirmed, but of all domains of January 6, the CIA was specifically involved in supplying bomb-sniffing dogs, presumably on scene at the pipe bomb locations. Readers will recall that one of the many damning anomalies of the pipe bomb story is how the Secret Service dogs could have missed the DNC bomb in their first sweep. Now, especially in light of the recent video that emerged depicting plain-clothed officials with dogs sweeping the DNC area, we are compelled to wonder whether those were in fact CIA dogs.

Mop-Up Man: Is This Former ATF Agent Running the J6 Pipe Bomb Coverup?

A group called Sound Investigation is getting credit for the bombshell undercover clip, which could be another indication that our nation’s intelligence community has turned on the American people. Here’s what went down, according to OANN:

In the footage, O’Blennis also claims that the FBI did not want the public to be aware that they had agents present, adding that he personally knows agents who were there on that day.

“They work for the agency now,” he said regarding the former FBI agents, whom he claimed were now in the CIA.

“Do people know that the Bureau was in the crowd?” the undercover journalist said.

“Nope, and they probably never will,” O’Blennis responded.

Previously, in response to Representative Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), FBI Director Christopher Wray maintained during a congressional hearing that he was “not sure there were undercover agents on scene.”

“I do not believe undercover that there were undercover agents on scene,” Wray stated.

O’Blennis continued in the video, going over the strategies that the intelligence community employs against those it believes to be its political rivals.

“You can kinda put anyone in jail if you know what to do … You set ‘em up,” he asserted. “You create the situation where they have no choice but to act on their impulse, and once they act on that impulse, some would call that entrapment.”

“Does the Bureau practice entrapment a lot?” the undercover journalist asked. “We get really close … we get as close as we can,” O’Blennis said. He later goes into detail about the ways that the intelligence agency allegedly uses in regards to American citizens.

“You put a post out there or you have some fake profile say something that triggers, that we know is going to trigger them, right?” O’Blennis continued. “Like we already know your history. If we’re at that point we already know everything about you. So we’re like ‘Oh this will piss him off.’ Sometimes you just light the fuse and wait for it to follow.”

“Nothing like putting out a fake social media thing to like really get people mad,” O’Blennis said in a joking manner. He also highlighted Alex Jones as one target of the intelligence community. “We were after him hardcore.”

“Are you still after him?” the journalist asked. “No, because he’s broke. He got found guilty and had to pay like a hundred million dollars.”

The journalist then went on to ask whether the “goal” was to “bankrupt him,” and O’Blennis responded, “pretty much.”

The undercover reporter later inquired as to whether the FBI had urged the relatives of the Sandy Hook Shooting victims to sue Jones for defamation. O’Blennis responded by outlining their strategy of persuasion in these kind of situations.

“We don’t encourage people,” he said. “We just say ‘there’s no federal statute being broken but you have the option for a civil case and it’s a pretty good case in our opinion.’”

“There’s nothing federally we can do … but civilly you can go at him that way and chop his legs off,” O’Blennis added. “We did what we wanted … took his money away. We shut him up for a while.”


Elon Musk watched the clip and responded with one word: “Disturbing.”


Disturbing indeed.

Here’s what folks online have to say about this very chilling clip:

“This should be an eye opener to everyone. I raised my voice after the incidents with Hillary Clinton and the email server with classified material. If she was able to get away with that and not prosecuted by the AG, then our country as we knew it stopped to exist. Here we are looking at J6 and the CIA was involved with the FBI to create J6 and pin it on Donald Trump and every patriot who was protesting. It is absolutely sick what they have done to our country and they need to be stopped.”

“Shut down every single one of these tyrannical organizations immediately”

“They can admit whatever they want because they are untouchable. Nobody can do anything about this.”

“Law enforcement are not your friends. They are not here for your safety. They are not here to or protect. They are not here to serve.”

“The “intelligence” agencies are completely corrupted and politicized.”

“The FBI has gone completely rogue. They are now a serious threat to American Citizens. Shut them down!”

“This must be the dumbest agent any of those idiot agencies have hired”

“Notice that in this investigation, as well as James O’Keefe’s investigations of government workers, the one’s with “The Biggest Mouths that Spill The Beans all appear to be Gay!”

“The FBI, CIA, etc are the Agents in in the Matrix protecting the system/corporation, fyi.”

“Weaponizing law enforcement for your beliefs will end badly. Eventually every rule/law will be used against you. Minimal laws/government is the only way to stay free.”

What’s going on with America, its government, law enforcement, and judiciary? It’s all taken such a nosedive that plenty of folks are scrambling to make sense of how we got here. Bret Weinstein hit the nail on the head during a chat with Tucker, who was just baffled by the state of his government.

While it is unclear what relationship, if any, Gavin O’Blennis had with the CIA, it is worth recalling the fact that the one confirmed area of CIA involvement in January 6 relates to the agency’s use of bomb sniffing dogs to detect explosives that day—in fact, in all likelihood, it was the CIA’s dogs that infamously “missed” the DNC pipe bomb.

We get it, Dr. Bret, but here’s the sad reality in a nutshell: anyone not marching “goosestep” with the regime is marked as the enemy by the whole government machine, and we’re just starting to witness the consequences of that horrifically dangerous and anti-American stance unfold.