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Many fear that the dreaded “Summer of Love” 2024 version is unfolding right now at Ivy League universities in America, particularly Columbia University in Illinois, where pro-Hamas students are unleashing protests and perceived “terror attacks” amidst a “Chaz-like” encampment.

Watch as a mincing black queen leads a series of bizarre chants:

As the weather warms up, it seems the left-wingers are out in force, equipped with fresh Soros “assignment slips” and new protest gear.

Many of these types are likely the same Antifa folks who disguise themselves as Occupy Wall Street bums, BLM Marxists, climate nuts, and gender-confused freaks to intimidate, scare, and terrorize innocent Americans.

The situation at Columbia and other universities across the nation has caught the attention of regime-run CNN. Jake Tapper, who still can’t bring himself to point the finger at his left-wing buddies. However, notice how he downplays the madness by placing the word “horrific” in quotes:

1/In response to “horrific” scenes of antisemitic harassment at and around campus, the Orthodox Rabbi at Columbia/Barnard sent a WhatsApp message to more than 290+ Jewish students this morning recommending that they go home until it’s safe again for them on campus:

2/The rabbi for the Orthodox Union’s Jewish Learning Initiative on campus sent the WhatsApp message this morning at 7:29 a.m. to his WhatsApp group of 293 mostly Orthodox Jewish students. It was his own personal statement, not that of the college or Hillel.

3/ Sent in response, he says, to “just horrific” videos of “protesters on campus calling for Jews to be killed, just off campus Jews being yelled at to ‘go back to Poland’, text messages I’m getting constantly from Jewish students about how unsafe they feel.”

4/ “I thought it important to state the severity of the situation.”

Here’s a closeup of the images Jake shared:

However, it’s also important to recognize that many of these protesters aren’t actually “terrorizing” anyone. A lot of them aren’t affiliated with Antifa and might just be your average, run-of-the-mill, smelly hippies with too much time on their hands, expressing opinions that the pro-Israel crowd finds offensive. That’s not “terror”—it’s free speech, whether we like it or not. We must be careful not to label all dissent as dangerous, as doing so undermines the very freedoms we claim to uphold and is exactly what the Biden regime does to us.

Meanwhile, the same left-wingers who advocate for removing cops, security, and protection from the general public are now up in arms because their feelings are hurt by a dissenting political opinion. Ironically, they’re ready to fight tooth and nail for their own protection while throwing you and your family to the wolves.

Here’s a closeup of the images:

It’s the ultimate irony: the pro-Israeli and Jewish left-wingers who “marched” for George Floyd and Black Lives Matter not too long ago have found that their comrades—Marxist, liberal, and assorted “persons of color” riffraff—have now turned on them and are out for blood.

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers are back at it, sending their infamous “strongly worded” letters, this time demanding that Columbia take action against these left-wing Hamas supporters.

Yet, amidst the chaos of the pro-Hamas demonstrators, we can’t forget a critical issue of free speech—one that we cannot afford to overlook simply because we disagree with the messengers. There’s a fine line that the right has to straddle between advocating cracking down on the terrorists and their disruptive behavior while being careful to give a wide berth for free speech. The issue is that most GOP politicians are not capable of handling such a delicate balance and usually end up trampling free speech without giving it a second thought.

For example, Talia Khan, who was Speaker Mike Johnson’s guest at the State of the Union and has spoken out against growing antisemitism on college campuses, is advocating for sweeping new campus speech codes to protect student feelings. While we empathize with the discomfort Khan might have faced from offensive on-campus scumbags, the solution she proposes—speech codes—is a dangerous path we don’t want to go down. We’ve fought hard against similar measures from the Biden regime, and adopting these types of tyrannical policies would undermine the very freedoms we’ve defended. Speech codes are not the answer to combating offensive speech; they will become weapons for broader censorship and suppression of free expression. We cannot push or advocate for that if actual laws are not being broken.

There’s a real danger in this situation. As tempting as it is to point fingers at Palestinian activists, those of us who champion liberty must be cautious. We shouldn’t rush to endorse new, sweeping campus censorship measures. History shows that these rules could very well be turned against us by radicals as soon as the winds change. In other words, the tools we create to silence others today could easily be used to silence us tomorrow. We need to think carefully to avoid shooting ourselves in the collective foot.

Fox News:

Rep. Virginia Foxx, chair of the House Education and the Workforce Committee, sent a letter to Columbia University leaders demanding they take action against the anti-Israel protests on campus that have made Jewish students feel unsafe.

Foxx’s letter on Sunday was addressed to Columbia President Minouche Shafik and Columbia Trustees Co-Chairs David Greenwald and Claire Shipman.

“I am gravely concerned by the ongoing chaos at Columbia University caused by the radical, unlawful Gaza Solidarity Encampment, which has now entered its fifth day,” Foxx, R-N.C., wrote. “The encampment and related activities have created a severe and pervasive hostile environment for Jewish students at Columbia. A Jewish chaplain at the University has recommended Jewish students depart campus due to the University’s inability to guarantee their safety. Multiple Jewish students have already sought shelter off-campus.”

“Columbia’s continued failure to restore order and safety promptly to campus constitutes a major breach of the University’s Title VI obligations, upon which federal financial assistance is contingent, and which must immediately be rectified,” she continued. “If you do not rectify this danger, then the Committee will not hesitate in holding you accountable.”

There’s absolutely no place for terrorism or threats, but we need to remember that not all words or phrases—though they might make some uncomfortable—are daggers or threats. Right now, similar left-wing antics are unfolding at Yale and MIT. Clearly, this is a well-coordinated effort across multiple elite campuses. However, unless laws are being broken, we shouldn’t rush to silence these protesters, regardless of whether we agree with them or not.

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However, as we mentioned earlier, this kind of protest is nothing new for the left. They’ve been promoting Middle East politics for eons now. In fact, it became so normal for the left to support these causes that a 2015 SNL skit eerily predicted what it would be like to drop your kid off at an Ivy League campus in 2024. This clip is funny, but also sadly accurate.

SNL has been spot-on in predicting the left’s shenanigans for a while now. Back in 2017, they nailed it with their hilarious skit called “The Bubble.”

The sad part is that the left’s “bubble” joke is quickly becoming everyone’s reality in the United States. If we don’t stop these crazies in their tracks, this country will be unrecognizable in five years.