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Big Fani probably didn’t anticipate this twist. She might have held onto some hope of keeping her position, especially when the star witness against her, Nathan Wade’s former law partner, seemed to have a shaky recollection of when the whole mess began. Just as Fani thought she might catch a break, everything’s turned upside down. The person who kicked off the investigation is coming out with some explosive new details that could very well spell the end for Big Fani.

A fresh face has been called into the mix: Ashleigh Merchant has received a subpoena. So, who is she? Ashleigh’s the defense attorney for one of the so-called Trump co-conspirators, and she’s sitting on some information that could bring Big Fani’s reign of terror to a grinding halt.

Phil Holloway:


The #FaniWillis saga takes on a new twist

Sources have confirmed that the GA Senate committee looking into the Fulton DA have subpoenaed Attorney Ashleigh Merchant to testify Wednesday, 3-6-24

The hearing will be live streamed and is open to the public

This is more than a subpoena for records of Merchant’s communications with Bradley as previously announced

I would expect questioning to involve all relevant issues related to her dealings with Willis’s office

Here’s the GA Senate Agenda notice:

This is definitely not a good sign for Big Fani, who is waiting to see if she gets yanked off the sham case against President Trump. This witness seems like the final act in a very tragic play, starring the biggest Fani in town.


Defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant has been subpoenaed to appear before a Georgia state Senate committee hearing on Wednesday as it investigates the actions of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Merchant confirmed to CNN that she had been subpoenaed for the hearing, which will be livestreamed.

The Georgia legislative committee, formed in January to investigate the Fulton County District Attorney, said they planned to issue subpoenas as they investigate Willis, the Democratic state prosecutor who brought the racketeering case against Donald Trump and his allies for their actions after the 2020 election.

Merchant, the defense attorney for a Trump co-defendant, is the first person to be issued a subpoena by the committee. She initially launched the allegations of an improper relationship against Willis and Nathan Wade, the lead prosecutor on the case. The controversy has threatened to undermine the case against Trump in Georgia.

At the committee’s first meeting in February, state Sen. Bill Cowsert, the Republican chairman, laid out plans for subpoenas and depositions as part of the investigation into alleged misconduct by Willis.

Cowsert said the panel already has heard from “whistleblowers” but did not elaborate on what information they provided. He said the committee intends to dig into any credible allegations, no matter how long the investigation takes.

Professor Jonathan Turley believes this is the final nail in Fani’s coffin.

At this stage, many experts reckon the judge will have no choice but to sideline Big Fani. If not, this whole investigation could drag on endlessly, and, let’s be honest, the Deep State isn’t about to let that happen. They’re in a rush to take down President Trump before he makes a comeback. So, it looks like Big Fani’s set to be the next offering on the progressive altar, just so they can keep their agenda rolling.

Fani Willis is on track to be remembered as one of the most greedy and corrupt DAs in history. It’s a title she’s truly worked hard to earn and deserves.