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Here’s something we all ought to make a habit of: calling out the elite for their propaganda and lies. It’s probably the best thing we can do for humanity—to make sure these high-and-mighty types actually face some real heat. So, it’s pretty satisfying to hear that CNN’s own spin master, Anderson Cooper, got a taste of this on a beach in Mexico. The incident was caught on camera by a man identified as “Dan.” Anderson found himself in the hot seat, spreading all his COVID scare stories. The exact date of the encounter is unknown, but what’s clear is that Anderson wasn’t keen on chatting. Have you ever noticed how these elite types dodge questions like they’re dodging bullets? The moment they’re put on the spot, they bolt, just like filthy cockroaches scampering away from the light.

Here’s the full video, complete with context:

EXCLUSIVE: ANDERSON COOPER CONFRONTED! – Called Out On Vaccine Propaganda And MASS Murder!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the breaking video of Anderson Cooper getting confronted in Yelapa, Mexico over his support for the deadly injections and the big pharma propaganda he pushed for years including the well known lie that the vaccine was “95% safe and effective.”

The confrontation was done by Dan, a friend of Josh’s in Mexico and the owner of “Apocalypse Now Mexico” on Telegram. Dan has been speaking out about the fake virus and deadly injections since day one and left to Mexico from LA one day before Josh where they ended up meeting.

In this video, you will see the entire confrontation with Anderson Cooper, the 60 Minutes and CNN pharma shill who worked (and likely still does) for the CIA.

Millions are dead because of propaganda like that which was spread by Anderson Cooper.

We talk to Dan following the confrontation about what happened in the peaceful anarchist town of Yelapa Mexico, how it went down and why he decided to speak up against the mainstream media sweetheart and Vanderbilt.

Let’s face it, Anderson Cooper has never been known for his truth-telling. He’s a one-man propaganda machine, as shown by his “hurricane” reporting below:

But COVID was the real “fake news” blowout. Who can forget the three-ring circus CNN created around that so-called “pandemic,” complete with a ghoulish “death tracker” that mysteriously disappeared right after Joe Biden was installed in the White House?

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But truthfully, is it any wonder that a creepy little viper, who was hatched by demonic forces, would resort to fear-mongering and shameless propaganda to brainwash and manipulate innocent people?