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A concerning video is making the rounds online. It shows a group of individuals, claiming to be from the FBI, turning up at an Oklahoma woman’s house to talk about her political Facebook posts. While Revolver can’t confirm the video’s legitimacy, the current political climate under Biden’s regime and the FBI’s zealous pursuit of Trump supporters—or anyone stepping out of the progressive line—make it a story worth digging into. You’ve got to see it for yourself and maybe wonder, “Who exactly are these visitors, and what brings them to her doorstep?” Did this woman post something so incredibly heinous that the FBI has a legitimate right to question her?

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Interestingly, they don’t show any ID on camera, and their vehicle lacks “government plates,” although it’s unclear if FBI agents even use them. Either way, this has sparked speculation that they might be impersonating FBI agents. Could they be Democrat operatives aiming to intimidate this woman or just random jokesters?  It’s definitely a puzzle, but if it’s legitimate, this is a whole new level of terror that’s unfolding in the United States.

The video is gaining traction, and many eyeballs are on it, prompting us to share it with you. Take a look and draw your own conclusions.

Unfortunately, we’re living in very unsettling times in an upside-down country where something like this doesn’t seem beyond the realm of possibility anymore.

Here’s what folks online are saying about this video:

“Same. Am in OK and the tyrants paid me a visit in 2021 as well accusing me of being at J6 when I was across the country at home. FB also turned me in due to my work/research in Functional Medicine exposing the dangers of vaccines and natural cancer cures”

“Why didn’t they identify themselves??? Very suspicious”

“Don’t argue, don’t talk! Five words is all you need. I have nothing to say.”

“The crooked 3-letter agencies are making sure Americans are intimidated enough to take whatever they do in the next few months. They want us afraid and controlled.”

“Joe Bidens Stasi”

“What is with FBI dressing like farm hands.”

“I think the scary thing is people believe this is how the FBI operates either way. Americans know not to trust them.”

“They should’ve given her an official FBI card with their name and which field office they’re from. Otherwise I’d have called the local Sheriff who’d be the #1 law enforcement officer in her jurisdiction to confirm who they say they are.”

Now, the million-dollar question is: If this is a legit video with FBI agents knocking on American doors, does this connect Facebook with the government’s desire to censor yet another US election?