Arnaud Bertrand:

Fascinating: now we know what the French think of Macron’s new warmongering attitude vis à vis Russia… and they absolutely hate it!

IFOP, France’s leading polling company, sees Macron’s popularity go down to an appalling 28% and comments: “The very strong discontent towards the president is mainly focused on Ukraine and the issue of sending Western troops on the ground”

Who knew that calling for France to go to war with Russia would be so unpopular

Anyhow, we therefore have yet another instance of a President of a Western liberal “democracy” going in the total opposite direction to the will of his people, which is almost becoming synonymous with liberal “democracy” at this stage…

Translation from Google:

For his part, Emmanuel Macron satisfies only 28% of French people (29% in February) and dissatisfies 72% (71% in February). Note that the “ very dissatisfied ” increase by four points, underlines Frédéric Dabi, director of Ifop. “ This reminds us of François Hollande who lost 10 points in September 2013 when France was preparing to engage militarily in Syria ,” specifies the pollster at JDD. At the time, he recorded a drop in popularity of 10 points. However, almost all of the people interviewed for this poll were interviewed before Emmanuel Macron’s televised intervention last Thursday to clarify his position on Ukraine.

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