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Nikki Haley might’ve felt like she was in a horror flick, but the reality was even more intense yesterday. It was Super Tuesday, marking the awkward finale of her forgettable campaign. No shocker here—President Trump dominated the night like a champ, sweeping through areas where true, solid Republican voters, not the Dems cheering for Nikki, cast their ballots.

It was a chainsaw massacre in the great state of Texas.

California was dreaming of a big, beautiful wall. Nikki Haley was losing by 50 in that state the last time we checked.

With the results from Alaska and Utah still pending, Nikki Haley only managed to win one state, and it was one of the most liberal in the country with an open primary system—Vermont. That victory is only expected to net her one delegate.

Trump collected a massive cache of delegates overall, winning 12 out of the 13 states that have reported results. When the night is done, Trump will have collected victories in 14 out of 15 states.

NBC is now projecting that Trump has won 911 delegates to Nikki’s 78.

No doubt, President Trump’s America First movement is taking the country by storm, while Nikki Haley is about as welcome as a bout of the flu. The big question on everyone’s mind is: Will Nikki Haley finally call it quits on her campaign that’s going nowhere fast? Or will she stick to her guns and hang in there till the July convention? If she’s hanging on after such a rough run, it’s got to make you wonder if there’s a shady “backroom plan” brewing to undermine President Trump, with Nikki biding her time.