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The phrase “President Trump was right again” keeps ringing true for a reason. Trump, ditching political correctness and using common sense to highlight global issues, always ends up validated, even after the media and the left throw their usual tantrums, branding him everything from a liar to a racist and even tossing around comparisons to Hitler. If you’ll recall, that’s exactly what happened when President Trump called Haiti a “sh*thole.”

This is an NBC article from 2018:

President Donald Trump referred to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries” during a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House, a Democratic aide briefed on Thursday’s meeting told NBC News.

Trump’s comments were first reported by The Washington Post, which said the nations referred to by Trump also included El Salvador.

The U.N. human rights office said the comments, if confirmed, were “shocking and shameful” and “racist,” while Haiti’s foreign minister summoned the U.S. Chargé d’Affaires Robin Diallo for clarification.

Two sources briefed on the conversation say that during the portion of the conversation about Haiti — which came at the top of the exchange that led to the “shithole” comment — the president questioned why Haitians should be given specific consideration.

“Why do we need more Haitians, take them out,” he said, according to sources. Someone else in the room responded: “Because if you do, it will be obvious why.”

And let’s not forget the celebrities who hopped aboard the “Outrage Express,” posing in those ridiculous t-shirts proclaiming, “Haiti is Great Already.”

The supposed centrist genius Bill Maher also joined in the show, which just goes to show you how wise he truly is.

Well, here’s the lowdown on Haiti now: The Prime Minister’s out, and cannibal gangs are running the show. It sounds like a blast, doesn’t it, Conan?

We bet he’s itching to pack up the family for a vacation there.


After over a week of promos, Conan O’Brien finally unveiled his “Conan in Haiti” episode on Saturday night, relocating his act to Port-au-Prince for a one-hour special that celebrated the country in the wake of reports that President Donald Trump had referred to it (along with El Salvador and certain African countries) as a “shithole.”

O’Brien spent four days in Haiti for the special, which saw him traversing the country and providing a comic briefing on Haitians’ complicated feelings about Americans, their public transportation, beer and strong feelings about the American leader.

Forget the sunscreen, this time, though—better pack some BBQ sauce instead!

This “Trump was right again” scenario isn’t just a one-off; it’s a repeating pattern that shows Trump really “gets it.” Meanwhile, our media and the left have turned into full-blown propaganda factories. They twist every narrative to slam Trump, completely ignoring the facts. And if you need any more proof, just take a gander at these two jaw-dropping headlines from The Washington Post. Honestly, you couldn’t find a better example of the whole “Trump was right again” situation if you tried.

We’re definitely getting used to Trump calling it like it is and ending up right. It seems like we’re stuck on repeat with this, doesn’t it? But there’s a bit of irony in this one: Haiti’s mess is actually much worse than Trump stated. Revolver just published an article pointing out that Haiti was the OG of DEI:

Cannibalism, murder, and the fall of Haiti shouldn’t shock anyone; they were the first nation founded on DEI…

Everywhere you go, you can find a trail of horror, destruction, and death left by Diversity, Equity ,and Inclusion. Haiti is in dire need of its own Bukele, or Milei—a robust, conservative leader chosen for their excellence, not as a token of DEI failure and charity. They need a leader who is unafraid to confront the thugs head-on and show them who’s boss, and a left-winger is incapable of that kind of leadership.