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The globalist agenda is making a bold move to silence free speech on the internet once and for all. While this effort is currently unfolding in Canada, it’s a fair bet that similar actions could be on the horizon for the US. Trudeau’s latest move is basically a blueprint for what could be unleashed stateside when the regime is ready. Just like in Canada, expect to see appeals about protecting kids and popular culture figures like Taylor Swift championing “democracy” as justifications for destroying your rights. What’s truly alarming is how many Americans will embrace this kind of tyranny. A huge section of our population seems thrilled to have Big Brother’s boot on their necks. This shift toward favoring “Big Brother’s” control is a concerning trend with the left, which used to fight against “The Man.” Constitutional lawyers are already raising the alarm about these developments in Canada, signaling a dire warning that freedom on the internet could be at stake for Canadians—and potentially, the rest of the world.


A top constitutional lawyer warned that the federal government’s Online Harms Act to further regulate the internet will allow a new digital safety commission to conduct “secret commission hearings” against those found to have violated the new law, raising “serious concerns for the freedom of expression” of Canadians online.

Marty Moore, who serves as the litigation director for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms-funded Charter Advocates Canada, told LifeSiteNews on Tuesday that Bill C-63 will allow for the “creation of a new government agency with a broad mandate to promote ‘online safety’ and target ‘harmful content.’”

“The use of the term ‘safety’ is misleading, when the government through Bill C-63 is clearly seeking to censor expression simply based on its content, and not on its actual effect,” he told LifeSiteNews.

Moore noted that the bill will also “open doors for government regulation to target undefined psychological harm.”

The new government bill was introduced Monday by Justice Minister Arif Virani in the House of Commons and passed its first reading.

Bill C-63 will create the Online Harms Act and modify existing laws, amending the Criminal Code as well as the Canadian Human Rights Act, in what the Liberals under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claim will target certain cases of internet content removal, notably those involving child sexual abuse and pornography.

Details of the new legislation to regulate the internet show the bill could lead to more people jailed for life for “hate crimes” or fined $50,000 and jailed for posts that the government defines as “hate speech” based on gender, race, or other categories.

The bill calls for the creation of a digital safety commission, a digital safety ombudsperson, and the digital safety office.

The “digital ombudsmen” will be responsible for monitoring online behavior and holding people “accountable.” Gee, what could go wrong? The Lifesite piece goes on:

He said that while the Commission’s reach is “only vaguely undefined,” it would have the power to regulate anyone who operates a “social media service” that “has a yet-to-be-designated number of users or is “deemed a regulated service by the government without regard to the number of users.”

According to the Trudeau government, Bill C-63 aims to protect kids from online harms and crack down on non-consensual deep-fake pornography involving children and will target seven types of online harms, such as hate speech, terrorist content, incitement to violence, the sharing of non-consensual intimate images, child exploitation, cyberbullying and inciting self-harm.

The left has a knack for waving the “kids” and “democracy” flags to justify some pretty heavy-handed tactics. And that’s exactly where this bill is headed. It’s basically rolling out the red carpet for things like warrants, behind-the-scenes hearings, and big-time fines. The Lifesite piece continues:

Moore observed that Bill C-63 also gives the commission the ability to seek secret or “ex parte warrants to enter people’s homes and to impose massive fines.” He told LifeSiteNews this will “likely coerce those operating social media services to exceed the Commission’s requirements of censorship on Canadians’ expression.”

Moore also confirmed that the Trudeau government’s new bill will “allow for” the creation of “secret commission hearings” simply on the basis that the “commission considers secrecy to be ‘in the public interest.’”

Moore told LifeSiteNews that the bill will also allow for the digital safety commission to be made an “order of the Federal Court.” He said this brings about a “serious concern that the commission’s orders, reissued by the Federal Court, could result in people being fined and imprisoned for contempt, pursuant to Federal Courts Rules 98 and 472.”

Ezra Levant, an independent journalist, sheds light on how this bill could usher in a “fear of hate crime” era, where someone might end up under house arrest simply because someone else “fears” they might express something hateful. It’s like we’re watching the “thought police” jump out of fiction and into reality.

Here’s a closeup of the images Ezra shared:

This ghastly bill would also make you liable for anything you’ve posted in the past, according to Ezra.

Here’s a closeup of the image:

Speaking of past “mistakes,” what do you think will happen to this guy?

New Trudeau blackface photo lands on eve of Canada election

Ezra then went on to explain to the Canadian influencer Jordan Peterson how the Canadian government will actually use this law to come after him and the folks at Ezra’s “Rebel News.”

Here’s how they’re going to get you, @jordanbpeterson

For years the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) has banned discrimination against people based on “gender identity or expression”. You of course have never discriminated against anyone.

But this new bill adds s. 13 to the CHRA, which now says that mere speech is considered discrimination if it is “likely to foment detestation or vilification of an individual or group”.

So now, if someone watches one of your YouTube videos or reads on of your tweets about, say, transgender athletes changing in the girls change room, and as a result is “likely” to have hard feelings towards trans people, that’s hate speech.

That’s step 1. Here’s step 2.

Any member of the public (including non-citizens) can lodge a complaint against you to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal — an activist quasi-judicial tribunal run by non-judges, appointed by Trudeau.

They can get up to $20,000 per complaint from you — and they don’t have to be the “victim”. (There doesn’t have to be a victim at all — remember it’s a future crime. They only have to show that your tweet or video is “likely to” (i.e might) cause one person to have hard feelings about another person. $20,000 that you’d pay the complainant — plus $50,000 in fines to the government.

Per complaint.

So there could be a new complaint for every tweet you make. Every video. And the complainants can be professional busybodies and activists — they don’t have to be a “victim”.

Why wouldn’t woke activists literally file a CHRA complaint after every single thing you do or say on social media? It’s free. There’s no limit. Even if you “win”, you lose — the process is the punishment. And of course, they’re going to win. This will become an industry — to enrich woke grifters and destroy you financially.

But here’s the truly amazing part: the complainants can keep their identity a secret from you. Secret testimony from secret witnesses — who get paid up to $20,000 to take a run at you.

That’s how they’re going to come for you — and for us at @RebelNewsOnline. See screenshots.

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Here’s a closeup of the images:

Just so we’re clear, the folks who are all about shutting down free speech, locking people up, and fining them for having the “wrong” opinions? Yeah, they’re not the good guys here. There’s absolutely no way this is about promoting “freedom.” The left has become the very thing they accuse others of being—negative, problematic, and downright oppressive. They’re so scared of losing their grip on power that they’re actually trying to sell us the idea that stripping away our freedoms is somehow for the greater good, to protect kids and our cherished “democracy.”