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We’ve all cracked jokes about how our “Google searches” might one day land us behind bars, not realizing we were pretty much on the nose. Welcome to Biden’s version of 1984. A recent report reveals that if you tuned into certain YouTube videos last year, the feds are now curious about who you are. A US federal court has ordered Google to reveal the identities of tens of thousands of viewers who watched specific videos within a set period. Let freedom ring, right? Day by day, it feels like we’re inching closer to a North Korea-style surveillance state, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to ease up. Securing the White House in 2024 is critical, but even then, we have to wonder: have we crossed a point of no return?

Fox News reporter Trace Gallagher reported on this frightening new “security state” measure by the Biden-run intel regime:

Good Morning X-Land.

Big Brother after people who simply viewed content.

Trace Gallagher:
“Feds ordered Google to give over the names, addresses, telephone numbers and user activities of those who watched certain YouTube videos. The Feds were trying to find a criminal and tracked you as well.”

Hearing all this, you’ve got to wonder, “Is this why they’re so keen on ‘controlling’ TikTok?” It’s a legit question, especially when you think back to how they pitched the Patriot Act to us all—swearing it was for our safety, and so on. But look at where we are now, using it for things we could never have imagined. We’ve got patriotic Americans being branded as “domestic terrorists” just for attending a legitimate rally on January 6th, and others are getting slapped on “no-fly lists” for their online posts. Just think about the possibilities of what they could do if they managed to get a stronghold on social media. They’re already devouring us from the shadows.

Here’s more information on the feds’ new censorship and anti-free speech move:

PC World:

Federal investigators obtained court-approved subpoenas for any YouTube viewers who watched tutorials on mapping via drones and augmented reality software, according to a report from Forbes. The investigators had been communicating with a suspected money launderer undercover, sent them links to the relevant videos, then demanded Google identify anyone who had watched said videos immediately following.

The subpoena included names, addresses, telephone numbers, and browsing history for Google accounts for as many as 30,000 people, tracing traffic to the relevant videos for one week in January 2023. It’s not clear whether Google complied with the demands for user information, though corporations are typically hesitant to fight subpoenas issued by courts.

According to experts from the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project and the Electronic Privacy Information Center interviewed by Forbes, the subpoenas may have violated the US Constitution’s First and Fourth Amendments. These foundational laws protect freedom of speech and restrict unreasonable search and seizure, respectively.

Such potential breaches typically aren’t acted upon unless a victim fights them in court, often resulting in lengthy legal battles that can reach the United States Supreme Court before being resolved.

It’s starting to feel like maybe the feds have come up with a new way to entrap people, right?

Here’s a closeup of the image:

What’s even more unsettling is watching these insane left-wing Americans, the folks who traditionally claim to stand against “the man,” actually applauding these moves like trained seals, armed with the twisted logic of, “If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.” It’s a bizarre and rather frightening twist to see those who once championed freedom and skepticism over government power and overreach now happily welcoming and endorsing a North Korea-style government.