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Mitch McConnell might be on his way out, but he has one last parting gift for the American public up his sleeve.

McConnell is supporting Melissa Holyoak, a Joe Biden nominee for the Federal Trade Commissioner. It should come as no surprise that Holyoak is a consummate RINO that would be a key ally for Google on the FTC, one of our nation’s most important regulatory bodies.

Google stooge Melissa Holyoak

Indeed, the FTC is responsible for protecting consumers against fraudulent and deceptive practices, as well as the enforcement of anti-trust laws—two areas of immense concern for woke tech behemoth Google.

It may come as a surprise to some that Google’s stated mission was once “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

In recent years, it appears that Google has entirely subordinated that noble mission to embracing the most ridiculous forms of woke propaganda imaginable. Just weeks ago, Google beclouded itself with an AI product so woke that one would be forgiven for thinking it was designed as satire. The Gemini program, for instance, stipulated that it would be preferable to allow the universe to be destroyed than to “misgender” Caitlyn Jenner. Most laughably, Gemini was apparently programmed to allow clumsy DEI to supersede even the most basic tenets of historical accuracy, leading to depictions of black Founding Fathers and black Nazi officers alike!

The New York Post:

Google’s highly-touted AI chatbot Gemini was blasted as “woke” after its image generator spit out factually or historically inaccurate pictures — including a woman as pope, black Vikings, female NHL players and “diverse” versions of America’s Founding Fathers.

Gemini’s bizarre results came after simple prompts, including one by The Post on Wednesday that asked the software to “create an image of a pope.”

Instead of yielding a photo of one of the 266 pontiffs throughout history — all of them white men — Gemini provided pictures of a Southeast Asian woman and a black man wearing holy vestments.

Another Post query for representative images of “the Founding Fathers in 1789″ was also far from reality.

Gemini responded with images of black and Native American individuals signing what appeared to be a version of the US Constitution — “featuring diverse individuals embodying the spirit” of the Founding Fathers.

Google’s ill-fated foray into Woke AI is simply the culmination of a trend that began in earnest with the rise of Donald Trump. Recall the leaked video of the entire Google C-suite literally in tears the day after Trump won the 2016 election, with vows to never let such an offense against democracy (like the voters having a say) happen again:

Holyoak’s track record of subservience to Google is especially concerning in light of Google’s radical political turn chronicled above. Holyoak worked as an attorney at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), which eagerly accepted Google’s money and did Google’s bidding. Google described itself as giving “the most substantial contributions” to CEI.

In 2013, Google was the largest contributor to CEI’s fundraising dinner, giving the organization $50,000. CEI returned the favor. Time after time, Holyoak’s employer went to bat for Google.

In turn, Google received “tangible outcomes” from closely working with the CEI, according to then-Director of Public Policy, Adam Kovacevich. The CEI assailed U.S. lawmakers and regulators who expressed concerns and criticisms about Google’s business. In 2018, CEI mocked claims that Google suppressed conservative views on its platform, saying they were “utterly lacking in evidence.”

This utter dismissal of the views of over half of the American population being systematically suppressed by Google is apparently in keeping with CEI’s hiring practices. A quick survey of CEI’s employment roster reveals none other than disgraced Trump detractor Kevin Williamson as an employee. Yes, the same Kevin Williamson who infamously wished death upon the American working class, proclaiming that “The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die. Economically, they are negative assets.”

The CEI had a partnership with the rest of the liberals in Silicon Valley. Facebook, Amazon, and the Big Tech-backed Consumer Technology Association all also provided funding. They didn’t just provide nominal support. In 2019, Amazon was named a Gold Sponsor of the CEI’s 35th anniversary dinner and reception.

The CEI warned conservatives who wanted Facebook and other social media regulated to “think twice.”

And in 2019, when President Trump announced that the DOJ would target Big Tech giants for antitrust violations, the CEI said, “The Department of Justice should stand down from investigating these dynamic and innovative technology companies.”

Make no mistake: Holyoak is Mitch McConnell’s parting middle finger to conservatives. She will serve a seven-year term and assist Big Tech in undermining the second Trump administration and interfering in the 2028 election.

Her husband will be pleased by all this. He’s a Biden donor who posts anti-Trump tweets.

Are you getting it yet?