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Mayor Eric Adams has found himself stepping out of the typical progressive line recently. By questioning some of the radical policies, especially in light of the overwhelming situation at the US border under Biden’s abysmal watch, Adams stirred the pot. Early on, as his city buckled under the strain of incoming illegals, Adams didn’t hold back in his criticism of the Biden regime. This deviation from the expected narrative caught the regime’s attention. Quickly, it seemed, Biden’s response was to have the FBI scrutinize Adams and his close associates—perhaps a clear signal to the Mayor: “Get back in line, keep quiet, and follow the playbook.. or else…”

Well, Mayor Adams didn’t listen. Recently, he actually called for drastic changes to his city’s “sanctuary” policies so that he could arrest illegals and turn them over to ICE.


As you can imagine, this didn’t go over well with the regime.

A while back, the homes of Mayor Adams’ associates were raided, and following his recent shift in stance, one of his key aides has now been the target of another FBI raid, echoing tactics reminiscent of Biden’s “regime-style” operation.

Here’s what conservative pundit Charlie Kirk had to say about this latest raid:

BREAKING: The FBI has raided the Brooklyn home of Winnie Greco, a top aide to NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

Just three days ago, Mayor Eric Adams called for changes to his city’s sanctuary city laws.

In November 2023, the FBI raided the home of Adams’s chief fundraiser, prompting him to abruptly cancel a series of meetings in DC to discuss the migrant crisis.

Almost like clockwork.

Yes, it’s very predictable, Charlie. Step out of line with the official narrative, and suddenly, you’re the target. This is the federal government being used as a tool against its own people. Welcome to our new banana republic.

The Hill:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raided the home of New York City Mayor Eric Adams’s aide on Thursday, multiple outlets reported.

Federal agents raided two homes owned by Winnie Greco, Adams’s director of Asian affairs. The raid, first reported by News 12 in the Bronx, is part of an investigation conducted by the U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn.

It is unclear if the raid is connected to Adams, who is the subject of a separate inquiry.

The search of the properties came months after Adams associates’ homes were searched as part of a federal corruption probe centered on the mayor’s 2021 election campaign, which allegedly conspired with the Turkish government to receive illegal foreign donations.

Following the raid, Greco was put on leave.

On the topic of the border, Abuelo Joe casually made his way to a “peaceful” part of the border, putting on a show that all’s well, even as our country faces an influx of illegal criminals and dregs of humanity. It’s a clear attempt to gloss over the reality of the situation.

At the same time, President Trump visited the border too, but he didn’t shy away from exposing the harsh realities of Biden’s failures. He made his way to Eagle Pass, a hotspot for the crisis. Interestingly, even those he vowed to deport were chanting his name. That’s the magic and influence of “Trump.”


President Trump has proven he’s the one who can tackle the border crisis, and thankfully, Americans are now fully aware of and recognizing the severity of the issue.

In terms of this latest “Adams attack,” the regime’s strategy is pretty simple: stray from the expected path and you will face serious consequences. The Democrats and the FBI are closely aligned, using their power to spread fear and control among anyone bold enough to question the regime-approved narratives. It’s a stark reminder of the high stakes for dissenters in today’s twisted political landscape.