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Remember the nightmare incident when an illegal stabbed an Irish child to death, sparking understandable outrage and social upheaval? Rather than align with the justified anger of his people and address their rational concerns, the “woke” Indian homosexual Prime Minister of Ireland chose to criticize Conor McGregor and implement more draconian anti-free speech laws on Ireland’s citizens.


Conor McGregor spars with Irish Prime Minsiter Taoiseach Leo Varadkar. After 9 year old Emily Hand is released in Israel #conormcgregor #leovaradkar #ireland #israel #emilyhand #dublin

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McGregor wasn’t shy about condemning the riots and violence triggered by the stabbing incident, but he didn’t hold back on giving Irish law enforcement and failed leadership a verbal beatdown.

The New York Post: 

McGregor, the former UFC champion, wrote on X that he does not “condone” the riots in Dublin, but expressed dissatisfaction with the country’s leadership and effectively issued an open challenge to alter the direction.

“I do not condone last nights riots [sic]. I do not condone any attacks on our first responders in their line of duty. I do not condone looting and the damaging of shops. Last nights scenes achieved nothing toward fixing the issues we face,” McGregor wrote.

“I do understand frustrations however, and I do understand a move must be made to ensure the change we need is ushered in. And fast! I am in the process of arranging. Believe me I am way more tactical and I have backing. There will be change in Ireland, mark my words. The change needed. In the last month, innocent children stabbed leaving school. Ashling Murphy murdered. Two Sligo men decapitated. This is NOT Ireland’s future! If they do not act soon with their plan of action to ensure Ireland’s safety, I will.”

McGregor pushed back on Drew Garda, the Irish police commissioner, who blamed the protests in Dublin on a “hooligan faction driven by far right ideology”.

“Innocent children ruthlessly stabbed by a mentally deranged non-national in Dublin, Ireland today. Our chief of police had this to say on the riots in the aftermath. Drew, not good enough,” McGregor wrote.

“There is grave danger among us in Ireland that should never be here in the first place, and there has been zero action done to support the public in any way, shape or form with this frightening fact. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Make change or make way.”

As expected, the UFC fighter continued to throw punches relentlessly.

GB News:

Conor McGregor has launched a fresh attack on Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, branding him a ‘scumbag’ and a ‘European crook’.

The UFC icon has regularly criticised Varadkar over the past few weeks, while also making it clear he’d be open to a future career in politics.

McGregor has previously hit out at Varadkar after riots broke out in Dublin following a mass stabbing.

And he’s also branded the Irish Prime Minister a ‘disgrace’ for comments made about a hostage who was held by Hama

The outpouring of support and love for Conor following the political back-and-forth shows he could probably have a successful career in politics if he ever decides to pursue it.

In truth, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, who’s a part Indian homosexual, is nothing more than a typical white-hating liberal.

Radio Genoa:

Irish PM Taoiseach Leo Varadkar complains that Irish institutions are too white and promises to promote more “black and coloured” people into power. So he will do it not based on the quality or meritocracy of the individual, but will choose based on the color of his skin. True racist.

Now, that very same progressive putz has just announced he’s stepping down. This announcement came out of nowhere and shocked many. This development is a huge victory for Irish patriots. Here’s to hoping the next guy will truly represent the people, not the failed and dangerous globalist agenda.

End Cultural Marxism:

BREAKING: PM Leo Varadkar of Ireland announces his sudden resignation.

This is a huge win for the Irish people.

Varadkar is a globalist who infamously complained about Whites in Ireland.

His recent referendums to make the Irish constitution gender-neutral got crushed electorally in landslide losses.

It’s crucial to return Ireland to its people, halting the risky and fundamentally flawed “global enrichment” experiment. This approach not only endangers, but it lends credence to the “Great Replacement Theory,” as we witness the systematic displacement of native-born nationalists across many Western nations.

The truth is that Varadkar was always a mediocre DEI hire from day one. Nevertheless, we were all expected to golf clap politely with our pinkies in the air while sipping our chardonnays because he was a “historic” choice for the premiership on account of his sexual predilections and a parent born in Bombay.

This is a win for Ireland now that this globalist dirtbag is stepping down. However, it would be a massive missed opportunity if this moment isn’t seized to make Ireland great again. Now is the time.