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Some unsettling news is coming to light about a bunch of historic portraits from Loudoun County’s Commonwealth that vanished into thin air. All fingers are pointing to the time when a certain radical, Soros-backed attorney was at the helm. It seems we might finally be piecing together the puzzle of what happened to these irreplaceable pieces of history, last seen under attorney Buta Biberaj’s watch. Calling Biberaj “soft on crime” would be an understatement. Her time in office was riddled with scandals and shockingly unprofessional acts that put the community in danger. Back in 2022, she found herself in hot water when a local judge had enough, and dismissed her and her inept team from a case involving a “serial robber.” Why? Well, she was caught red-handed, misleading both the court and the public to push through her flimsy, Soros-style plea deal.

Fox News: 

The top prosecutor in Loudoun County, Virginia, was hit with a bar complaint on Thursday following a circuit court judge booting her office from a criminal case for “deliberately misleading the Court and the public.”

“Ms. Biberaj’s conduct is completely unbecoming of both a prosecutor and an officer of the Court. Judge Plowman’s order is a damning indictment of the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s ethics and her low regard for the integrity of the justice system. We hope that the Virginia Bar recognizes the severity of this misconduct and Buta Biberaj is disbarred and removed from office immediately,” Sean Kennedy, the president of Virginians for Safe Communities, said in the nonprofit’s press release Thursday.

Virginians for Safe Communities filed the formal complaint with the Virginia State Bar on Thursday against Commonwealth’s Attorney for Loudoun County Buta Biberaj “for breaching professional ethics under the Virginia State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct.” The complaint requests “a formal investigation and appropriate sanctions, which could include disbarment – preventing her from practicing law.”

Now, this raises a thought-provoking question. If the serial burglar was a white guy, do you think Buta would’ve bent over backward, twisting the truth to keep him out of jail? It’s a question that digs deep into the motives and decisions that shaped her actions. It’s not just about the crime; it’s about fairness, justice, and whether the scales are tipped based on who you are and if you can help promote the radical progressive agenda.

But here’s where the plot thickens. This woman, alongside her “Keystone Cops” squad known for being soft on crime, “accidentally” let a murder suspect walk free.

Free Beacon:

A George Soros-backed prosecutor in Virginia mistakenly freed a man charged with murder who was apprehended the following day in Georgia.

The office of Loudoun County prosecutor Buta Biberaj (D.) on Thursday dropped second-degree murder charges in general district court for 25-year-old Stone Colburn, who last year was accused of stabbing his brother’s girlfriend to death. Biberaj’s office dropped charges in an effort for the Loudoun County Circuit Court to declare Colburn mentally fit to stand trial. Biberaj said the district court was on the verge of committing him to a mental hospital.

But one of Biberaj’s deputies failed to get those new charges approved by a judge before dropping the old ones, attorneys say, which forced the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office to release Colburn. Colburn skipped town after his release and had made it almost 600 miles away before he was apprehended Friday by police in Chatham County, Ga.

Andrew Kersey, a former prosecutor in Fairfax County, told the Washington Free Beacon the “screw up” was avoidable, and that Biberaj’s team, “in trying to be too clever by half and circumvent the general district court’s ruling, only ended up temporarily mucking up the whole case.”

This criminal harpy and her crew tore through Loudoun County like a wrecking ball, with the kind of destructive power only Soros-backed efforts can muster. After everything she did to leave Virginia’s citizens feeling less safe, Buta Biberaj wasn’t done just yet. Before she slithered out of office under a cloud of disgrace, she had one more alarming move to make: destroy US history.

Here’s a closeup of the image that journalist Lafayette Lee shared:


Back in 2023, Buta Biberaj lost her re-election bid and was replaced by Republican Bob Anderson. Many believe that on her way out, she exacted her “revenge” by destroying 200 years of US history. This serious accusation demands a thorough investigation. If there’s any truth to it, Buta Biberaj must face the consequences of her actions. It’s not just about politics; it’s about preserving our nation’s heritage and holding individuals accountable for their actions—in other words, lock her up.


7News has learned that portraits and photos of Loudoun County’s former commonwealth’s attorneys are missing.

They were last seen when former Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj was in office.

“The portraits and photographs of the previous commonwealth’s attorneys are a part of Loudoun County history. The county needs to have them back so that they can be appropriately preserved,” current Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Bob Anderson told 7News.

The missing portraits go back to the 1800s and there are no backup copies of many of them, according to multiple sources.

In an email obtained by 7News, Loudoun County Administrator Tim Hemstreet wrote on March 5, 2024, that the county was contacted by both CA Anderson and Clerk of the Circuit Court Gary Clemens on January 4, 2024, asking whether the county was in possession “of framed photographs of former commonwealth’s attorneys.”

“It is our understanding that these photographs had been displayed in a foyer or lobby area of the previous office,” wrote Hemstreet. “As part of the inquiry from Mr. Anderson and Mr. Clemens, the County was advised that Mr. Anderson’s staff believed that the photographs had been mistakenly sent to the County. This original inquiry included a supposition that the “photos were inadvertently provided to the County surplus team for sale at one of the future surplus auctions.”

She likely had the photos destroyed, never to be seen again. The WSJLA piece goes on:

“This request caused County staff in the Department of General Services (“DGS”) to check County records regarding any photographs that were sent for surplus or disposal from the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. DGS staff identified a work order dated January 31, 2023, submitted by the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, requesting DGS to pick up, among a number of other items, “1 box of photos and other wall decorations” for disposal,” Hemstreet added. “DGS records reflect that this box, as well as the other items, were picked up by DGS on February 10, 2023, and disposed of shortly thereafter. DGS staff were asked if they recall anything about this box, as almost a year had passed in the interim. DGS staff advised that the photographs were framed, so the photographs were removed and destroyed and the frames were processed for auction. There was also an engraved plaque from the City of Falls Church to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office that DGS staff set aside and returned to that office. The County records reflect that the documents requesting DGS to pick up and dispose of “1 box of photos and other wall decorations” had the appropriate approvals from the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney. The County does not have any documentation that indicates that the photographs in the box were of previous Commonwealth’s Attorneys.”

“Unfortunately, the County does not have any way of ensuring that the “1 box of photos and other wall decorations” contained the missing framed photographs of the former Commonwealth’s Attorneys. DGS processes a large quantity of surplus items every month, and given the passage of time, none of the DGS staff were able to recall exactly what was in this box, other than the photographs were framed and the engraved plaque was included in the same box. Our understanding from the current Commonwealth’s Attorney is that he and his staff are unable to locate these photographs within their offices and storage areas,” Hemstreet said.

Sadly, this shocking act against American values seems to be right on brand with Soros-backed candidates. It’s a pattern that’s becoming all too familiar, where these communist tyrants constantly work to undermine the very foundation of what America stands for, including our history.