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You might recall Dan Rodimer, the GOP establishment’s pick for Congress in Nevada, going up against well-known right-wing influencer Mindy Robinson in the primary. Unfortunately, despite Mindy’s strong Trump and America First stance, she didn’t clinch the primary. “Big Dan,” with his troubling track record of violence and domestic abuse, somehow got the establishment’s nod. It’s a stark reminder that the GOP prefers taking a loss over letting an America First candidate shake things up in the Swamp. Well, now, that establishment-backed candidate is wanted for murder.

Yes, murder…

Big Dan is accused of murdering a man by the name of Christopher Tapp, who died of “blunt force trauma” to the head. The story goes that trouble brewed between the two men after Mr. Tapp allegedly offered cocaine to Big Dan’s daughter. While, if true, Mr. Tapp’s actions would mark him as less than commendable, it by no means provides a free pass for Big Dan’s history of resorting to violence as a go-to solution for his problems.

Boy, the GOP’s knack for choosing candidates sure is something, isn’t it?

Big Dan has been arrested for the murder, but he’s managed to post bail and is currently out on bond.

News 3 LV:

Former professional wrestler and congressional candidate Daniel Rodimer turned himself over to Las Vegas police Wednesday evening after an arrest warrant was filed in court this week for a charge of open murder.

According to court records, a $200,000 bail was set, and shortly after he posted bond. Rodimer was originally due back in court Thursday morning, though records indicate the hearing was canceled and he is now expected in court on April 10.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said in a statement that Rodimer was wanted in connection with the death of 47-year-old Christopher Tapp.

Actress and America First influencer Mindy Robinson shared the shocking story on X. Mindy was calling out violent “Big Dan” for quite some time, as she was running against him in the GOP Nevada primary. However, thanks to the Republican establishment, including Kevin McCarthy, Big Dan was pushed through, only to turn around and lose in the general election, as Mindy correctly predicted.

Here’s what she said on X:

Holy sh….

Dan Rodimer, my former congressional opponent…the corrupt, wannabe wrestler/wife beater with a history of assault who Kevin McCarthy gave half a million dollars to beat me in the primary knowing he’d lose in the general…

…is wanted for murder.

Revolver reached out to Ms. Robinson, asking for a more detailed statement on this shocking twist. Here’s her response:

Kevin McCarthy, his herd of RINOs, and the corrupt GOP chose to back a legitimate wife beater over me—an America first candidate in 2020 who was leading rallies and organizing protests throughout COVID. Dan Rodimer already had multiple random assaults and batteries on both men and women, shady deals he was being sued for in court, and a possible Medicare scheme in the millions I uncovered that he was running in Atlanta that no one in the media cared about. My entire platform was about cutting taxes and ending government waste and corruption. It’s clear why the corrupt GOP, which never actually does anything their voters want, chose him.

The uniparty system couldn’t afford to have me pushing for term limits and stripping all the ways these political DC criminals are making money off their campaigns through corporations, lobbyists, book deals, and dark money PACs, and none of that will ever change until Nevada holds elections on paper with ID without using these riggable machines, or so-called “glitchy” vote tracking system, and the full transparency and accountability required for actual legal, valid elections.

Also, our current Governor Joe Lombardo is the same corrupt sheriff who covered up the Las Vegas shooting despite being hated by his own party, and I’ve got a problem with that.

Link to my Las Vegas shooting doc:


Unfortunately, President Trump found himself endorsing Mr. Rodimer, a move likely driven by the GOP establishment’s efforts to sideline Mindy Robinson, the America First candidate. Looking ahead, we must ensure that America First candidates get the spotlight over these establishment-favored disappointments. It’s becoming clear they’re being selected more to hinder the MAGA movement than for their potential to secure wins.