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Joe Biden, the Democrats, and the media have staked everything on the events of January 6th, convinced that this contentious, puzzling chapter can tilt the 2024 election toward a leader who’s not only lagging in the polls but whose policies are unraveling at the seams. They’re betting that the narrative of January 6th will ignite a fierce disdain for President Trump, casting him and his followers as “insurrectionists” and a “threat to democracy.”

This narrative has been their mantra, relentlessly broadcast to the American public. So, you can imagine their astonishment when a Biden pollster, engaging a focus group about Trump’s “January 6 case,” was met with blank stares—no one had any clue what was being referred to.

Talk about poetic justice, right?

Columbia Journalism Review:

Celinda Lake, one of President Biden’s top pollsters on his 2020 campaign, was recently conducting a focus group with swing voters for another client when a response stopped her cold.

Lake had asked how the voters felt about former president Donald Trump’s pending criminal court cases related to the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

“They go, ‘What court case around January 6?’” she recalled. “These were swing voters, and about half of them weren’t sure what we were talking about. And I said, ‘Well, you know, the insurrection and that he was the one that provoked it.’ They go, ‘Oh, yeah. I kind of forgot about that.’”

For journalists and the types of highly engaged voters who watch the news every night, Trump’s lock on renomination has been near-certain for at least six months, and his various transgressions and incendiary comments are well known. But it’s easy for political obsessives to lose sight of how little attention many normal people pay to day-to-day politics.

The astonishing disconnect of our elites couldn’t be more starkly illustrated than in these paragraphs below. They live in a filthy little bubble, completely detached from everyday Americans, to the point where the idea that folks genuinely appreciated Trump’s successful policies—policies that helped them pay bills and feed their families—seems alien to them.

Meanwhile, here’s the real scoop on what’s going down in the United States and the vibe among everyday Americans.

Now, these out-of-touch elites are labeling this appreciation as “amnesia.” The CJR piece goes on:

The question is whether voters just don’t really care—or if they’ll turn against him once they are reminded of Trump’s record in office and plans for a second term.

The New York Times’ Jennifer Medina and Reid Epstein tackled this question earlier this week with a piece aptly headlined “Do Americans Have a ‘Collective Amnesia’ About Donald Trump?”

It’s very much worth a read. They write: “More than three years of distance from the daily onslaught has faded, changed—and in some cases, warped—Americans’ memories of events that at the time felt searing. Polling suggests voters’ views on Mr. Trump’s policies and his presidency have improved in the rearview mirror. In interviews, voters often have a hazy recall of one of the most tumultuous periods in modern politics.”

Part of the problem is that many voters, especially the crucial bloc of younger ones, simply don’t remember Trump that well. Those turning eighteen and eligible to vote for the first time this fall were just ten years old and in grade school when Trump won the presidency, in 2016; the January 6 Capitol riots happened back when most of them were just starting high school. The rest of us don’t have memories that are as sharp and reliable as we’d like to think—it’s not just Joe Biden and Donald Trump who regularly get names wrong or forget in what year things occurred.

And now, there’s more unraveling of the January 6 stories peddled by the media and DOJ. It’s come to light that Kamala Harris had actually left the Capitol building before the breach even happened.

This new information completely undermines the entire DOJ narrative.

Headline USA:

The House Oversight Committee released the largest tranche of Jan. 6 footage to date on Friday, publishing 5,000 hours of video documenting the Capitol Hill uprising.

Much of the footage has been analyzed by Jan. 6 defendant William Pope, who released his findings on Twitter.

Perhaps the most notable finding from Pope was footage of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris leaving the Capitol at 11:21 a.m.—hours before the building was breached by angry protestors.

Pope’s findings definitively disproves prior assertions by the Justice Department that Harris was in the Capitol when rioters broke into the building.

The left’s 2024 strategy is looking more and more like a castle built on quicksand—it’s just not holding up. January 6 is shaping up to be a glaring example of how far some will go to use a political rival, and even the American public, to push a baseless “insurrection” story. Even the Supreme Court wasn’t having any of it, unanimously deciding that President Trump couldn’t be barred from the ballot because of the day’s events. It’s hardly surprising, then, that most Americans have switched off from this narrative, either clueless about or indifferent to the drama being sold to them.