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New allegations are surfacing, claiming Nathan Wade and Big Fani had a sit-down with White House counsel and Kamala Harris to talk over the sham case against President Trump. Shocked? Probably not. It’s hardly a secret that Democrats move in lockstep, following orders from the higher-ups in the party. Their actions might come off as messy and disorganized, but make no mistake, there’s a level of coordination here that mirrors the workings of a criminal organization, like the Mob.

These new allegations are coming from the defense attorney for a so-called Trump “co-conspirator.” Ashleigh Merchant has testified that Willis and the mayor of Atlanta met with Kamala Harris for five long hours on February 28th, 2023. Meanwhile, her inept lover, Nathan Wade, reportedly met with White House officials on two separate occasions for eight long hours each.

Why? What was the meaning of these alleged visits?

Big Fani apparently went above and beyond for her lover, doling out a paycheck that was double what his more seasoned colleagues earned. Things that make you go “Hmmm,” right?

Daily Mail:

Embattled Fulton County District Attorney Fani Wills paid prosecutor boyfriend Nathan Wade almost double the salary of his colleagues and met Kamala Harris before she indicted Donald Trump, a defense lawyer claimed in explosive testimony on Wednesday.

Ashley Merchant, who first came forward with stunning allegations of the affair Willis had with a special prosecutor Wade, testified to a Georgia state Senate hearing as a judge considered whether to disqualify Willis from the Trump case.

The attorney for Trump co-defendant Michael Roman said Wade got more than $650,000 in billing from Willis and left little information in his invoices, and that Willis ‘is the one that approves the bills.’

Fox News just dropped some fresh dirt on the alleged Kamala Harris scandal, and it’s rather juicy. These latest claims aren’t doing her any favors. It looks like we’re cracking open yet another Pandora’s Box here, revealing more sketchy behind-the-scenes lawlessness that doesn’t paint the Dems in a great light.

This new eye-opener reminds us to question and scrutinize the backdoor orchestrations that shape these high-stakes, weaponized political dramas. When you peel back the layers, a lot of rot is instantly exposed. Meanwhile, the hearing to determine if Big Fani and Nathan Wade will be removed from the sham case against President Trump continues, and things are not looking good for the crooked lovers.