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Our justice system’s credibility takes yet another massive hit, this time courtesy of Georgia Judge McAfee’s bewildering decision. Tasked with a seemingly easy choice—whether Big Fani and her lover should be disqualified from the Trump case—the answer appeared obvious. In a rational world, both would be shown the door. Yet, in an era dominated by “activist judges,” common sense and clear-cut legal principles seem to have flown out the window. McAfee’s verdict? A perplexing compromise demanded that either Big Fani or her lover, Nathan Wade, exit the case, and he insisted on a quick decision. Beyond displaying shameless partisanship, you gotta wonder: What’s driving Judge McAfee’s bizarrely soft ruling? Well, this latest revelation hints that McAfee might be more of a Big Fani enthusiast than anyone guessed.

A fair trial for President Trump? Oh, hell no, not with stuff like this stinking up the judicial system:

He donated money to her. You can’t make this stuff up. This is now the second judge who’s picked politics over the law. This partisan hack should have never been in charge of this case.

Professor Turley was watching as the ruling unfolded and was utterly astonished by the judge’s decision.

Charlie Kirk:

Jonathan Turley reacts to Judge McAfee’s ruling that Fani either recuse herself or remove lover Nathan Wade from the case:

“It’s like finding two people in a bank vault and taking one off to jail.”

“They both testified in the same way. They were the two parts to this relationship, and yet only one of them was disqualified.”

“Why should Willis escape these consequences?”

Great question; sadly, there is no answer except “politics.”

Fulton County’s corruption is out in the open for everyone to see. Georgia and New York are now hotspots for legal nightmares. Best advice? Avoid any legal drama in these states. And to all the conservatives living there, our hearts are with you. It’s tough territory.

Sean Davis, the editor of The Federalist, makes a great point. Judge McAfee will likely be the next “Republican” Speaker of the House.

And then there’s the burning question on everyone’s mind: If Nathan Wade steps aside, why does Big Fani get to stay on? Sadly, this question remains unanswered by a judge who seems more partisan than principled.

The real issue here is that McAfee’s decision doesn’t fix the actual problem. Willis is trying to prosecute President Trump for a crime that she committed. At this point, the evidence is too overwhelming, and simply pushing Wade off the case doesn’t erase it. As it stands now, the reality that Big Fani Willis is still at the helm of this prosecution, despite her glaring conflict of interest with the special prosecutor and actions many experts are calling “criminal activity,” stands as a shameful reminder of the disgusting two-tiered justice system that is corroding the very fabric of our nation. It’s yet another reminder of how deeply entrenched politics has become in our sacred institutions, and it’s eroding trust in our legal system and steering this nation towards a tipping point. It’s a sad day in America when “certain citizens” can’t get a fair trial and their votes don’t count.

Let freedom ring, right?