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Well, it looks like the band’s back together. The CIA and the New York Times have teamed up yet again to pull a fast one on the American people. Sadly, this shouldn’t surprise anybody. After all, the CIA and the New York Times have been working together to gaslight the American people on a whole host of issues, including the infamous and debunked “Russia hoax.”


There’s a common misconception that the CIA’s job is to protect the US from foreign dangers. That’s a cute idea, but it’s not true. Obviously, the CIA has morphed into a law unto itself, and having a federal agency that operates outside of Congressional oversight cannot be allowed in the United States. Now, we’re learning that the CIA has been sharing top-secret intel with select journalists as part of a PR battle against GOP members in Congress pushing to cut back on Ukraine war funding. It’s like the CIA has gone full throttle against Republican lawmakers, once again proving US intelligence is weaponized and being used against anybody who dissents from the regime’s approved policies.

According to Mike Benz, this is the key paragraph from the New York Times CIA Ukraine piece that reveals, explicitly, why the CIA hand-selected the NYT to publish highly classified intelligence and invited hand-selected NYT journalists onto a secret CIA base: It was to pressure Republicans in Congress to keep funding Ukraine.


Mike appeared on Fox News radio and discussed three key points regarding the Ukraine/New York Times bombshell:

3 Key Points from my Fox News radio hit this morning with @DrewSteeleRadio on the CIA, Ukraine & the New York Times:

1. “The CIA invited the New York Times in.” They specifically say in the NYT article that many of the NYT’s 200-some interviews were done inside the physical building of one the 12 secret CIA bases in Eastern Ukraine — which means this wasn’t a scoop, it was an invitation & base tour from the CIA invited them in for the express purpose of getting that piece published.

2. “This is a dirty trick by our Central Intelligence Agency to use the New York Times as its own personal mouthpiece, to protect its own personal piggy bank.” This is the selective leaking of intelligence just to get short-term funding. The key paragraph in the NYT piece gives away the game that the bases are all praying for more funding. The whole article is about how important these CIA bases have become and what catastrophe will befall them if Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson vetoes the hotly contested new Ukraine funding bill.

3. The NYT article reveals those CIA bases are not just defensive — they are for offensive scouting of targets to hit within Russia proper. That’s not defending Americans or even Ukrainians: long range missiles are for killing Russians. Beyond such offensive operations not being mission critical, they’re a provocation to war. And they were set up **years before** 2022.

So here’s the rundown: the CIA turned the New York Times into its megaphone to secure funds for its Ukraine operations aimed at Russia. This begs the question: Why the intense focus on Ukraine, and what’s been going on there for over a decade that has the CIA going all-in? And why don’t we see that same vigor in securing American turf by our so-called “esteemed” intelligence departments? Many folks are pointing fingers at Obama, suggesting that a lot of these intel operations kicked off during his time in the Oval Office. They’re arguing that what’s essentially his third term “presidency” by proxy hinges on keeping these secrets under wraps. The fear is that years, maybe even decades, of espionage and questionable actions could be exposed, putting the CIA, Obama, and Hillary in a very tight spot. Let’s hope so, because the American people deserve to know exactly how evil and corrupt their government truly is.