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Lately, there’s been quite the buzz about French President Emmanuel Macron’s wife, Brigitte. Similar to Michelle Obama, there have always been whispers suggesting his significantly older wife might actually be a man.

Recently, Macron ignited the rumors by responding to them for the first time, claiming that his 70-year-old wife is not a man.

The New York Post:

French President Emmanuel Macron has angrily hit back at longstanding conspiracy theories that his 70-year-old wife Brigitte was born a man and is transgender, calling them “false and fabricated.”

Macron, 46, was unusually candid and emotional about the ongoing speculation in certain right-wing circles about Brigitte Macron, whom he married in 2007.

“The worst thing is the false information and fabricated scenarios,” Macron said at an International Women’s Day event in Paris Friday after he guaranteed the right to abortion in France’s Constitution.

“People eventually believe them and disturb you, even in your intimacy.”

Brigitte’s lookalike daughter, attorney Tiphaine Auzaine, 40, who rarely gives interviews, also addressed the painful rumors in an interview late last month in Paris Match.

“I have concerns about the level of society when I hear what is circulating on social networks about my mother being a man,” Auzaine told the outlet.

Macron’s attempts to silence the rumors didn’t exactly go as planned. Instead of putting an end to the speculation, his denials have fanned the flames of conspiracy theories even further, with more and more people suspecting that his wife might have transitioned at some point. Leading the pack is the popular conservative influencer, Candace Owens. She’s so convinced that Brigitte is actually a man that she’s putting her entire reputation on the line. Candace has even gone on to say that any reporter who brushes off these claims is just playing into the hands of the “establishment,” insinuating they’re part of a broader “cover-up.”

Here’s what Candace said on X:

This episode is blowing up so I just want to say—After looking into this, I would stake my entire professional reputation on the fact that Brigitte Macron is in fact a man. Any journalist or publication that is trying to dismiss this plausibility is immediately identifiable as establishment.

I have never seen anything like this in my life. The implications here are terrifying.

I do not intend to let up on this story and I am calling on other journalists to look into this explosive story and report accordingly.

Watch here:


The full video is here:

Could she actually be a man? In today’s anything-goes society, it’s certainly within the realm of possibility. Would it truly be shocking to discover that Macron married a man? Probably not for most. The real surprise, in all honesty, would likely be if it turned out he married a woman.

Famed satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo even got in on the action.

These are some of the photos that people point to, to say Brigitte is a man:

And this clip of her walking has raised a few eyebrows:

Let’s be honest, Macron’s love story is weird. A 40-year-old Brigitte, teaching classes at the Catholic Providence school in Amiens, crosses paths with a young Emmanuel Macron, who was just 15 at the time. With such a strange beginning, it’s not surprising that folks are diving deep into wild theories about the nature of their relationship. And as we stated earlier, Macron’s attempts to debunk the rumors haven’t exactly helped. Now, even those who previously paid no mind to the gossip are pausing, scratching their heads, and thinking, “What if…”