This is quite the clip.

Eric Abbenante:

Bill Maher and his panelists marveling at the lucky streak of Donald Trump lately, considering the fact that Truth Social’s stock has been valued at 3.5 billion.

Kara Swisher: “This guy is the luckiest guy in the world. Trump social. Excuse me. Truth social just got permission to go public. Because it’s a meme stock, it’s worth 3.5 billion dollars. And it could go up higher if people bid it up.”

Maher: “He definitely made a deal with the devil. Because he always lucks out on everything.”

Sara Isgur: “He has the best enemies. Fani Willis now in Georgia.”

Maher: “Now we’re probably not going to see any of the trials. He just always lucks his way into everything.”

Sounds like they’re tired of Trump’s winning.


Meanwhile, a new poll from CNN shows Donald Trump up eight points in Michigan: