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Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan is something, isn’t it? Here’s the current state of the union: crime rates are through the roof, inflation’s hit the ceiling, our borders are under siege, and now we’re seeing a resurgence of diseases across the country. It’s hard not to draw a line to the overcrowded migrant camps cities have had to set up to accommodate the hordes of illegals flooding over the border. A recent report highlights that 17 US cities are dealing with measles outbreaks, and all signs point directly back to the migrant camps. Shocker, right? If this is the result of “building back better,” maybe standing still wasn’t such a bad option after all.

Here’s what the popular conservative account MJTruthUltra had to say about the measles outbreak:

“Major Measles Outbreak” Reported In 17 US States As Migrant Shelters Become Infectious Disease Breeding Grounds

States Affected:
• AZ, CA, FL, GA, IN, IL , LA, MD, MI, MN, MO, NJ, NY, OH, PA, VA, Wash

• CDC data shows 45 measles cases were recorded in the first two months across 17 states (17 kek coincidence?)
—— this nearly surpasses the 58 cases recorded in the full year of 2023.

• CDC is arrived in Chicago yesterday to help the city with its first measles cases since 2019. Five people were confirmed to have measles inside of an illegal migrant shelter in the city, which houses 1,800 illegals.

• Hundreds of people are already feared to be infected in California and Arizona after cases were confirmed in people in the states who visited local hospitals

• Illegal Migrant Shelters are breeding grounds to spread infectious diseases

Just an fyi fam so you’re aware…
Measles typically begins with cold-like symptoms, before causing a rash made up of small red spots, some of which can feel slightly raised. According to the NHS, it typically starts on the face and behind the ears before spreading further

The outbreak in Chicago is the largest measles flare-up in the US so far this year.

Build Back Sicker.

Measles today—makes you wonder what tomorrow’s headline will be—the Bubonic Plague?

But fear not, folks, the “stellar” experts at the CDC have got this under control…

A measles outbreak is happening at the Pilsen shelter, the largest shelter in Chicago. (out of the 23 in the city) Pilsen houses 1,808 illegal aliens.

One of the infected kids attends Philip D Armour Elementary School, which has now had to shut-down.

CDC is sending a ‘team of experts.’

SAME CDC that shutdown America over a virus!

SAME regime that leaves our border wide-open so diseases can infiltrate our population!

Well, after all of this, it’s safe to say that stolen elections come with their fair share of consequences, and it looks like we can now add “measles” to the growing list of issues.

You can read the entire article on this horrific outbreak at ZeroHedge. Click here.