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Here we are again. The Democrats have a knack for finding ways to turn the system into a weapon against their political enemies, and they’re relentless in their pursuit. This pattern is glaringly obvious in the cases of President Trump, with all the sham indictments, and Kari Lake in Arizona. Kari’s become a prime target because, much like Trump, she dared to challenge the Dems on their own turf, pointing out blatant cheating in the 2020 and 2022 midterm elections. Now, she’s facing severe repercussions for calling out what we can all plainly see with our own eyes.

Dems are now applying the same strategy they used on Trump to Kari: flooding her with legal challenges to divert her attention away from her campaign efforts. Kari Lake revealed this plot during her visit to Steve Bannon’s WarRoom, discussing the intricacies of a “defamation lawsuit” funded by Democratic operatives. The strategy is clear: entangle Kari in a web of legal disputes to prevent her from clinching her Senate race. It’s a calculated move to sideline strong America First candidates through legal warfare.

Even this anti-Trump, establishment Republican reporter thinks the lawsuit was ridiculous.

AZ Central:

As for Kari Lake, I reject her BS, but I defend her right to say it.


Because I don’t want to live in a universe in which political speech is actionable. I don’t want the sturm and drang and pure bedlam of elections to be muzzled because everyone is afraid of getting sued.

Big Money and Big Law lined up for Richer
Not just getting sued.

But finding themselves on a field in which some special-interest group has lined up perhaps millions of dollars and a legion of lawyers behind an injured party.

Technically speaking, this was Stephen Richer’s personal defamation lawsuit. Practically speaking, this was the political left flexing its muscle at Kari Lake.

The Big Money and Big Law behind Richer is a group called Protect Democracy, which would in virtually any other context be Richer’s adversary.

Their origins go back to roughly 2017, when Politico described them as “top lawyers” from the “Obama White House.” They called themselves “United to Protect Democracy,” which got its name from a line in Obama’s farewell address.

The group incorporated as both a 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4), allowing it to operate as a nonprofit, while joining in some forms of political advocacy as well, Politico reported.

Protect Democracy describes itself as “a cross-ideological nonprofit group dedicated to defeating the authoritarian threat … and protecting our freedom and liberal democracy.”

This situation is a textbook example of the cozy relationship between the establishment GOP and the Democrats. This faction of the Republican Party shares more in common with the corrupt regime than with the America First movement. We’re seeing the “uni-party” kick into high gear, pulling out all stops to prevent America First candidates from gaining any ground. It’s a clear case of circling the wagons to protect their interests at the expense of genuine change that will help and boost the American people.