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Well, it looks like Joe Biden’s controversial new voting base is gearing up to make its big mark sooner than anticipated. The idea of having to wait generations to cultivate a loyal “army” of Dem voters just flew out the window—they’re arriving with every intention of voting in the 2024 election for Biden; they’re primed and ready. This eye-opening revelation came from a citizen journalist who, after conversing with illegals, found out they’ve been led to believe (by whom, exactly?) that their (fake) asylum claims grant them the right to vote in US elections. And their candidate of choice? Joe Biden, without a doubt.

Here’s what went down:

Illegal Migrants Talk About 2024 Election:

They believe they entered legally because they made a claim for asylum (fake claim) so they think they can vote.

“Who are you going to vote for?”

Illegal Migrant:
“Joe Biden”
“Joe Biden is helping us here”
“Of course for Biden”

If you’re still puzzled about the Dems’ stance on illegal immigration, they’ll lay it out for you: they view illegals as the most important group in the United States, and their primary goal is to make them US citizens. You’re being replaced. The Great Replacement isn’t just some fringe theory; it’s a cornerstone strategy of the Democrat Party.

And, of course, illegals can vote in US elections. After all, all they need is a valid US ID and an election volunteer more interested in Doritos than in verifying voter rolls, which shouldn’t be too hard to find. The sad truth is that the same corrupt system bringing them in is also ready, willing, and able to facilitate their illegal voting. Simple as that.

It looks like Elon Musk’s predictions were right. The only difference is that the “future” is right in 2024, and they’re ready to vote their “guy” in.