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A curious trend is unfolding in Venezuela. As military-aged men, criminals, and gang members leave the country, heading to places like the United States, something unexpected happens.

Crime rates drop in Venezuela but rise in their new destinations. The reality here is not complex; it’s straightforward and should have been clear from the start. Remember when President Trump brought this up in his first term? He faced a storm of criticism, labeled “racist” and worse for simply pointing out what now seems undeniable: rapists, murderers, and other assorted bad guys are flooding into the US.

However, the absurdly ridiculous narrative pushed by the left paints a picture of every illegal as some humble, hardworking, military-aged guy fleeing political turmoil. But that’s a dangerously naive view. This oversimplification glosses over the harsh truth: among those crossing into the US are thugs causing real harm. This isn’t just about border security; it’s about the safety of Americans, who are now facing the consequences of this unchecked influx of bad guys. Our crime rates are climbing, and our cities are becoming less safe, all while countries like Venezuela see improvements, having shifted their problems onto us.

But it gets worse. A Venezuelan illegal murdered a beautiful 22-year-old American nursing student. Kristi Noem, one of Trump’s likely VP picks, spoke out.

Joe Biden has Laken Riley’s blood all over his shaky, gray hands.

Collin Rugg:

JUST IN: Alleged illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Ibarra charged in the death of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley.

Riley reportedly went for a jog and was later found dead on the University of Georgia from blunt force trauma.

An even more sinister fact is that Antonio had no known connection to Riley.

Jose Antonio Ibarra was charged with malice murder, felony murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping, hindering a 911 call & concealing the death.

Riley was found dead near UGA’s Intramural Fields.

“Based on the injuries and Riley’s physical condition, I suspected that foul play was involved,” the police report read.

This illegal scumbag was allowed into the US by the Biden regime and released into our communities due to “migrant overcrowding.”

The illegal aliens are repaying Biden in kind with love, and presumably future Democrat votes.

In addition, New York had an opportunity to take down this savage murderer after he injured a minor. They didn’t do that, however, because they’re a “sanctuary state,” so he was free to roam and kill an innocent girl in the prime of her life.

Nonsensical liberal policies are killing decent Americans. Meanwhile, neighboring sh*tholes are improving, now that the US has become a free dumping ground for their garbage and filth.


Venezuela’s rate of violent deaths dropped to its lowest level in more than two decades following years of massive migration as both criminals and victims fled the nation’s economic crisis.

The Venezuelan Violence Observatory registered 26.8 violent deaths per 100,000 inhabitants this year from a rate of 35.3 for every 100,000 habitants in 2022, Roberto Briceño León, director of the Observatory, said in a webcast Thursday. That’s its lowest since 2001 and is one-third of what it was in 2016, he added.

Young people, who have traditionally been the main victims of violence, have fled, while criminals and gangs have emigrated due to the lack of opportunities to commit crimes, according to Briceño León.

While violent deaths in the world have increased due to wars, in most Latin American countries the trend has been a reduction in homicide rates, he said. Venezuela’s 2023 rate still remains high, and in the region is only surpassed by Ecuador and Honduras.

Once again, President Trump was spot on. If his warnings had been taken seriously instead of being dismissed with juvenile name-calling, young women like Laken might still be with us today.