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Laken Riley, a young nursing student from Georgia who had her entire life ahead of her, was brutally murdered by one of Joe Biden’s illegals, who waltzed across our wide-open border without a care in the world and slaughtered the young girl while she was out on a morning jog.

People Magazine:

Authorities have released the cause of death in the killing of Laken Riley, the 22-year-old nursing student who disappeared while on a jog on a Georgia college campus last week.

Riley, a student at Augusta University’s campus in Athens, Ga., died from blunt force trauma to the head, Sonny Wilson, the coroner at the Athens-Clarke County Coroner’s Office and Morgue, confirms to PEOPLE.

Jose Ibarra, 26, has been charged in connection with Riley’s death, according to an arrest affidavit reviewed by PEOPLE.

Riley was reported missing by a friend after she did not return from her jog on the University of Georgia campus on Thursday.

Her body was found later that day in the woods behind Lake Herrick and she was “unconscious and not breathing, and had visible injuries” the UGA Police Department said in a statement.

Georgia officials have since revealed gruesome details about the killing and accused Ibarra of “disfiguring her skull,” according to an arrest affidavit reviewed by PEOPLE.

Ibarra is also accused of using “an object” to harm Riley during the incident, the affidavit states. Ibarra also “physically” hindered the victim from making a 911 call, the affidavit claims, adding that he also allegedly dragged her body to a secluded area.

Ibarra was arrested on Friday and has been charged with several offenses, including murder, kidnapping and assault, online court records show.

Did you happen to notice that People Magazine didn’t mention Ibarra’s immigration status even once? It’s unsettling that even when a vibrant American life is savagely snuffed out, our shameless propaganda media will still go out of its way to cover for the murderer. However, despite the media’s shameless propaganda, Americans are finally paying attention to the border invasion. It’s become the top election issue for 2024.

LA Times:

As Biden and former President Trump head to the U.S.-Mexico border this week ahead of the Super Tuesday primaries, new polling finds that an increasing number of Americans view illegal immigration as a “very serious” problem, and a majority support building a border wall.

Republican candidates who want to frame the Biden administration as weak on immigration have repeatedly hammered it as a top issue on the 2024 election campaign trail. Biden is intent on laying the blame for inaction at the border on his opponent, who helped sink the largest immigration package in Congress in years.

A Monmouth University poll released Monday shows that the competing messaging is sticking — with 8 in 10 Americans across partisan lines seeing illegal immigration as at least a somewhat serious problem. Sixty-one percent of all respondents say it’s a very serious problem, up from fewer than 50% in 2015 and 2019. Among Republicans, 91% see illegal immigration as a very serious issue, compared with 58% of independents and 41% of Democrats.

Thankfully, the truth about Biden’s massive failures is finding its way out, and President Trump is leading the charge. His Super PAC has just released a powerful ad, correctly blaming Joe Biden for the death of Laken Riley.

The takeaway from that ad is clear: You’re not safe in Biden’s America. It’s true. How can we feel secure when neighboring countries are offloading their criminals and the mentally unstable into our communities, creating a massive flood of crime? This is yet another reason why Trump is outpacing Biden on all fronts and has successfully taken the reins of the GOP.

The Conservative Treehouse:

President Trump is beating Joe Biden in this battleground state poll by 6 points.  However, the Republican Senate candidate, Dave McCormick, is running 7 points behind the Democrat Bob Casey.   The combined margin of difference is 13 points, or put another way – Trump pulls more support within the state than the Republican Party.

The Pennsylvania reality shows the scale of how much the Republican Party is now the party of Donald Trump.  The dynamic makes sense, because the overwhelming majority of middle class average Americans align with the policy agenda simply known as “America First.”

The distance between the Trump support base and the support base of the overall Republican Party is considerable.  Thus, if we can remove the larger influence of the corporate Republican apparatus from the RNC and party apparatus, the ranks of the new Trump era Republican Party will grow.

A new larger tent brand of Republican exists in the MAGAnomic policy, the economic policy of Trump that expands the wealth of the average American.   Thanks to the MAGA influence, the RNC/GOPe party of old crony capitalists and vulture hedge fund owners is diminishing rapidly.  The Wall Street tribe now assembles with the Democrats and the Main Street tribe now assembles with Trump republicanism.

The GOP has no choice but to be fully on board with Trump’s resurgence. With momentum, energy, and a vision that reminds us of the excitement of 2016, he’s steering a massive political revival. People hang on his every word, and his messages, particularly the recent one about Laken Riley, hit home. Biden’s failures, especially at the US border, have been piling up. The preventable horror of Laken Riley’s murder could very well mark the grim end of his regime.