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By now, we all realize that our government and many of our so-called “esteemed institutions” are steeped in massive corruption. Yet, even so, the sheer audacity of this corruption can still stun even the most jaded among us. That’s what has happened with the recent developments in the so-called “rape case” involving E. Jean Carroll, a weird and controversial “sexual writer,” who once called rape “sexy” during an interview on CNN.

In a move that baffles the mind, the judge, without any concrete evidence, has suggested that Trump might be guilty of an alleged “rape” that supposedly occurred in a department store dressing room decades ago.

But the plot thickens when we take a deep dive into the judge’s political leanings, which have recently come to light, unveiling a web of potential political bias. Remarkably, this is the same judge appointed by Bill Clinton, of all womanizing people, who had previously dismissed charges against the notoriously controversial Prince Andrew. Andrew faced accusations from Jeffrey Epstein’s victims of horrific acts involving minors. These women bravely came forward with firsthand accounts of their ordeals, providing details that are compelling and impossible to dismiss as mere political vendettas. The difference in judicial reactions casts yet another disturbing light on the non-stop corruption within our system. This is a very concerning scenario that challenges us to seriously question the integrity of our legal system and the unseen forces and bribes that are likely shaping its decisions.


A U.S. judge dismissed the sex abuse lawsuit against Britain’s Prince Andrew on Tuesday, three weeks after lawyers for the American woman who filed it reached a deal calling for the prince to make a substantial donation to his accuser’s charity and declare he never meant to malign her character.

U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan signed court papers dismissing the August lawsuit after lawyers on both sides asked him to do so earlier in the day. The judge had given them until March 17 to complete the deal or he would set a trial date. The lawsuit cannot be refiled.

The lawyers revealed three weeks ago that they had tentatively agreed to a settlement in which the prince would donate to Virginia Giuffre’s charity and make the declaration about her character.


Here’s what the popular account Wall Street Apes shared on X about this stunning discovery:

Judge Lewis Kaplan Ruled Donald Trump Was Guilty Of Raping E. Jean Carroll

This SAME JUDGE Dismissed Prince Andrew’s Case Where He Was Accused Of Raping Underage Girl Virginia Giuffre On Jeffrey Epstein Island

This Judge Formally Dismissed All Sexual Abuse Charges With A Nice Sealed Settlement & No Prison Time

So Child Rapist Prince Andrew Gets A Pass But Donald Trump Gets Persecuted By Someone Who Can’t Even Remember What Year The Crime Happened Or Any Key Details?

“Giuffre alleges she met Andrew through the late sex offender and financier Jeffrey Epstein, and his sometime girlfriend, the convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.”

More proof of the underage sexual abuse comes with “In 2009, Epstein and Giuffre settled a civil lawsuit for $500,000. Giuffre accused Epstein of trafficking her to Andrew.”

The corruption is just mind blowing.

“— Jeffrey and Andrew reached and I was sometimes so the case was dismissed by the party stipulation of March 2022 without going to trial. Prince Andrew.

So let me get this straight. This case, read the top. Federal Court Virginia, you know who Virginia, uh, uh, drew from me. We just talked about the rest. The girl from Epstein Island.

From Epstein Island. Second son of Wow. Sexual assault under court, uh, several, uh, sexual encounters with Andrew in the early 2000 at the age of 17 after being sex trafficked by American financier and convicted by sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, dismissed without going to trial. Yet Trump’s $83,300,000. Wow.

Wow. What a freaking fine. Great fine. That is insane. All you gotta do is dig”

It really opens your eyes to the depths of bribery and the tight-knit circle of ruling class apparatchiks protecting their own, doesn’t it? It’s clear we’re dealing with a two-tier justice system, but beyond that, the US is one of the most corrupt governments on the globe. Yet, thanks to the level of propaganda that would make North Korea green with envy, our government and judicial system still manage to claim how “fair and just” they are and position themselves as the shining example of “democracy” for the rest of the world to follow. It’s utterly appalling. The absurdity only grows as more Americans wake up and start to see the reality of what’s really going on in this country. Situations like this, with seemingly corrupt Judge Kaplan, are further proof of our nation’s corruption.