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Well, it looks like “The Great Replacement Theory” isn’t just some wild conspiracy after all. The latest CDC figures show a clear and disturbing picture: Biden’s administration is effectively swapping us out with a surge of illegals, whom they’re grooming to be their new voting bloc. The mainstream media is, as usual, acting as the regime’s bodyguard and will quickly label anyone discussing the replacement theory as “racist” or laughingly dismiss them as a “Q-kook.” But these numbers tell a different story and reveal what’s really going on. No amount of name-calling or mockery from the media can cover up these disturbing facts.

Popular X account Libs of TikTok shared the troubling data in a post.

Here’s a closeup of the images she shared:

We’re being replaced right here and now, and it’s happening blatantly, without any apologies or excuses. Tucker Carlson has been spotlighting this theory for a while, and the intense backlash he’s gotten has always been a strong indicator that he was on to something, even while he was still at Fox News.

The clues about our replacement have been everywhere. If you’re still under the misguided impression that the left prioritizes Americans, you might want to listen a bit closer. Their actions and words echo an “America Last” agenda at every turn. And let’s be real: you can’t “replace” a nation that’s patriotic, strong, and powerful, can you?

Another clue was how, when Biden took office, he systematically reversed every single Trump-era policy, especially those that effectively stopped the flow of illegals into the country. It seems like he was more focused on bringing people in than stopping them dead in their tracks. Congressman Byron Daniels agrees that if Biden wanted to solve the border crisis, he could. But he doesn’t want to. Why? The answer is likely found within those CDC numbers.

And if you’re still skeptical about any of this, just take a moment to listen to Biden himself back in 2015, when he was vice president, with Mayorkas right beside him. In his own words, he lays it all out, unveiling his plan to phase out white people.

What’s happening at the border is a deliberate strategy. It’s the only plausible explanation for why Biden would dismantle effective Trump policies and then claim he’s powerless to change the situation. We all see through that. Combine that with his own words and agenda, plus the staggering numbers of illegal immigrants flooding in, and “The Great Replacement Theory” starts to seem less like fiction and more like a page right out of Joe’s playbook.