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Once again, those weird “indented” marks on Biden’s face are grabbing attention. At first glance, you might think Biden’s been napping too much, showing up with pillow marks all over his face. But it seems there’s more to it than that. These marks are likely from some kind of device he uses at night, possibly for breathing support. In fact, Biden’s had to address questions about these facial imprints before. Last summer, the imprints on his face sparked quite the internet buzz. His team brushed it off, saying the marks were from a CPAP machine and that Biden has sleep apnea.

Economic Times:

US President Joe Biden in recent weeks has started using a continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, machine at night to help with sleep apnea, the White House said Wednesday. The revelation comes after indents from the mask were visible on the president’s face as he departed the White House.

The president has disclosed since 2008 a history with sleep apnea, a potentially serious but common condition in which breathing can stop and start in the night. Biden used the machine Tuesday night, White House officials said. The imprint lines on his face were apparent when he left Wednesday morning for a speech in Chicago.

This is what a CPAP machine looks like on somebody’s face:

Those lines left by the CPAP machine appear to coincide with what we see on Biden’s face. However, interestingly enough, his “sleep apnea” didn’t make it into the report from his latest physical. Back when he was vice president, though, it came out that he had an irregular heartbeat, which is often linked to sleep apnea. Yet, this time, the focus isn’t really on his health issues; it’s no secret that Biden isn’t the picture of health, either physically or mentally. The real curiosity sparked by these “face markings” now revolves around job performance. People are wondering, just how late is he sleeping if he’s showing up in the afternoon with those marks still clearly and deeply etched on his face?

Good question; let’s talk about it.

For starters, Biden took questions from the press last summer at 9:30 a.m., and the marks were still deeply embedded in his skin.

This man is probably not getting up at the crack of dawn to start working for “we the people.” More like the crack of 9:15 am, at best. Not only does he have those marks on his face, but he also gets confused and claims Putin is losing the war in “Iraq.” Both things combined really make you wonder if he just rolled out of bed.

Here are close-up images from that presser:

Those marks are notably deep and show no sign of fading.

Here’s Joe again, seated at this desk, doing “work” with those same deep marks clearly visible on his face.

According to the White House, this photo was taken on August 6th.

According to his schedule, Biden’s first public statement on August 6th was at 10:30 a.m. From these photos, it’s plausible to guess he was up and active by around 10:15 a.m. Also, it looks like August 6th was yet another “vacation day” for Joe.


So, when does Joe Biden actually start his day? For any sort of answer, we have to revisit a 2021 puff piece that painted a quaint picture of “Amtrak Joe’s” morning routine. It claimed he starts his day “early,” managing to get up, get dressed, and even join Jill for coffee, all before diving into his “work” by 9:00 a.m. If that’s the case, he’d need to be waking up somewhere around 7:30 a.m.

The Independent:

Mr Biden is said to begin his morning by having coffee with his wife, Dr Jill Biden, before setting down to work at 9am, taking calls and meetings from the Oval Office where a log fire is often lit to stave off the winter cold, a cosy atmosphere his German Shepherds Champ and Major enjoy.

We’re all aware of the sad fate that befell Champ and Major, right? Champ supposedly passed away in Deleware, and Major was rehomed after biting many White House staffers and Secret Service people. But what’s intriguing about those facial markings is this little gem from CPAP websites stating that such indentations typically fade soon after waking. Interesting.


Though it may be frustrating to wake up with red marks where your CPAP mask is worn, thankfully, the lines do fade soon after waking up—and they’re a small trade-off for improving your sleep apnea symptoms and getting the restorative sleep you need for optimal health.

This interesting tidbit from the CPAP website hints that Joe Biden’s workday may not start as early as they’d like us to believe. It suggests Biden might be waking up shortly before his public appearances; otherwise, those pronounced lines would have faded. Interestingly, after these facial marks were called out and Biden had to address them, they mysteriously vanished, never to be seen again. So, what changed? Did Biden’s “sleep apnea” magically clear up, or is he rising earlier to ensure those marks are erased?

Or maybe the more likely answer is that the Biden regime stumbled upon the CPAP website and found some clever tricks to minimize those lines:

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Regardless, it appears that the self-proclaimed “most transparent” regime in history may be less than forthcoming about Joe Biden’s health, daily routines, and work schedule. Once again, a veil of mystery shrouds one of the most controversial and least popular presidents in our nation’s history.