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Nikki Haley’s journey in the 2024 political arena has been like navigating a storm without a compass, particularly in her home state of South Carolina, where she’s about as popular as a bad case of the flu. Nikki was the governor, so you’d think she’d have an edge in the GOP primary there, but that’s not how this is playing out. Nikki’s unpopularity is becoming a huge and embarrassing problem. If she thought things couldn’t look bleaker in South Carolina, she just found out they can, and it’s really bad.

Nikki Haley is now dealing with a profoundly humiliating additional setback in South Carolina. Despite her neocon money, cringeworthy efforts, and Trump-bashing, she’s not just trailing Trump; she’s significantly lagging behind him across every single district. That’s right, not a single district in South Carolina shows Haley leading. Not one. Yikes. This situation is not only a personal defeat for her but is also a striking testament to how the political winds are blowing hard against the establishment. It really makes you wonder why Haley is still in the “race”—if you can still call it that. Here’s what MAGA pollster Richard Baris had to say about this bombshell news:

Here’s a closeup of the images that Richard Baris shared:

Meanwhile, those two affairs Nikki is alleged to have had while she was married are still haunting her, big time.


And while Nikki is trying her best to sling mud at President Trump, especially about his age, nothing she’s doing is landing. If anything, it’s backfiring spectacularly.

Part of Nikki’s unpopularity likely has to do with her warmongering, hawkish agenda. Tucker Carlson recently called her out along with another neocon, Ben Shapiro.

However, nobody assassinated Nikki Haley more brutally than Vivek throughout the early days of the primary.

Revolver has been spotlighting Nikki Haley for years now, pointing out why she’d be a horrible choice for president. In fact, we’ve compiled a never-ending list detailing precisely why Nikki spells big trouble, and it caught fire online. We encourage you to give it a read or pass it along to anyone still weighing their opinion on Haley.

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