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It’s becoming clear that the Dems have been on the lookout for a way to boot Biden off the 2024 stage. Even President Trump has floated this idea many times.


Former President Donald Trump, front-runner for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, has predicted that President Joe Biden won’t “make it to the gate” in the general election.

No sitting president in modern U.S. history has lost their party’s nomination in the primaries, so many believe Biden will be the Democratic nominee in 2024.

However, Trump said he “can’t believe he’s going to be the nominee” in an interview with far-right news outlet Breitbart on Thursday.

Trump took a jab at his political rival, calling Biden a “cheater” and a “scoundrel.”

If that really is the Dems’ plan, then the special counsel’s report on the “classified documents” fiasco seems like their golden ticket. The details in that report are jaw-dropping, almost too perfectly aligned for it not to smell a bit like a setup. The report revealed that Biden had “classified documents” that he wasn’t authorized to have. He stashed them in his garage and even passed them off to his ghostwriter. Plus, the report also paints Joe as so scatterbrained and out of touch that charging him isn’t even an option, claiming he’s not “fit” to stand trial.

It looks like the Dems might have just scored their perfect excuse to get rid of confused Grandpa Joe.

After all, if the Dems were looking to protect Biden, this report would’ve stayed buried. But here we are, with all the cards on the table.

Talking about drawing the wrong card, it seems Joe has done it again, and this time, it’s the kind that should’ve toppled his career. Yet, as we’ve come to see, despite teetering on the edge, landing Biden behind bars isn’t the endgame for the Democrats. Their eyes are set on a much simpler prize: keeping him off the 2024 ballot. And a juicy nugget from the report might just be the leverage they need. It reveals a military officer, once part of Biden’s inner circle, was appalled by Biden’s irresponsible handling of classified documents and actually requested not to be on his detail because of it. Despite the outrage, Biden’s secretary was the one running the entire show and declared everything was perfectly fine.

Kristen Bakotic email address & phone number | Inter ...

This is yet another piece of the puzzle that points to a pattern of recklessness that’s impossible to ignore.

Here’s what political pundit David Urban shared on X:

PAY ATTENTION TO THIS: from a junior military officer working on @JoeBiden staff, page 61 of #SpecialCounselHur‘s report: “I do not agree with Kristen Bakotic. (@JoeBiden‘s Executive Secretary) I believe these records are being mishandled; however Kristen is my superior officer and I’m not in a position to challenge her authority. I have requested not to participant [sic] in any project or meetings involving these records.” #selectiveprosecution

Here’s a closeup of the image Dave shared:

Handling classified documents comes with one main rule: keep them safe. President Trump did just that, locking them away because he was allowed to have them. But Joe Biden? Not so much. And even worse, according to the report, he gave classified documents to his ghostwriter. Now, they’re trying to paint him as too stupid or “far gone” to know better, suggesting he’s just a well-meaning, bumbling old man, with his secretary pulling the strings and calling the shots.

But President Trump, the guy who was authorized to have the documents and didn’t hand them off to some random writer, is being prosecuted. This could be one of the lowest and most embarrassing moments for the United States of America.