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Tucker Carlson, like any normal journalist, interviews world leaders, controversial or not. That’s a journalist’s bread and butter—they go and sit down with important and intriguing people and present a range of views and topics for public discussion and debate. That’s a journalist’s job, in a nutshell. Yet, it seems most “journalists” in the US have strayed very far from their profession. Instead of pursuing stories with curiosity and a dedication to facts, they’ve morphed into full-blown propaganda pushers for the regime. They politicize every topic, standing their progressive ground like they’re in the trenches for an endless battle. As they lose their minds over Tucker’s interview, the rest of us—Americans and people worldwide—simply watch, listen, and make up our own minds, as any normal society would. After all, Tucker certainly isn’t the first to sit down with Putin, right?

No, Tucker isn’t the first to interview Putin, but he’s the only one who won’t push the CIA-approved narrative, and that’s exactly what’s sending the legacy media into meltdown mode.

The New York Times is so worked up over Tucker’s interview that they’ve churned out four articles attempting to paint him as “irrelevant.” However, the irony is thick—the video’s views have soared past 100 million. And why so much attention and ink spilled by the NYT over someone they’re trying to label a “diminished figure”? speaks volumes, right?

Legacy media can’t resist throwing in the “fired by Fox News” jab at Tucker in a flailing effort to cast him as yesterday’s news. Yet, the reality couldn’t be more different—he remains one of the globe’s most followed media personalities. Clearly, the memo went out to the dying media: make the most watched reporter on the planet seem like yesterday’s news. Truly pathetic, and more proof of their relentless and shameless propaganda and gaslighting.

CNN started having a mouth-frothing meltdown over the mere “possibility” of the interview.

Again, what’s the fuss about a journalist sitting down with a world leader, especially one at the center of issues affecting every American taxpayer?


Left-wing journalist and activist Melissa Chen went on a diatribe about how Tucker was “duped” by Putin:

Look I know you hate legacy media. You see Tucker as an avatar of renegade journalism staking out unorthodox positions and seeking truths unsanctioned by the establishment.

Fine. Interviewing a sitting world leader is itself part of the job description. But that same world leader did not acquiesce to countless other requests for interviews from other journalists.

I wonder why? Why did Putin grant access to Tucker?

Because he knew how it would turn out. Because he knows who Tucker’s audience is and who trusts Tucker’s brand.

This same audience, who for aesthetic reasons have aligned themselves with Putin as they see him as the figurehead of a purely idealized conservatism that is antagonistic to “Western degeneracy,” (never mind that Putin himself doesn’t live a particularly Christian life, and that Russian society has high rates of alcoholism, domestic violence, prostitution, sex trafficking, etc.), will then go on to adopt policy positions that toe the line with Putin’s agenda and urge their political leaders to do so too.

There are Western journalists in Russia jailed for covering the war; if you’re Russian and protest the war in Russia, you are arrested and jailed.

For the last four years I have excoriated the democrats for taking ideological positions for no other reason than to reflexively oppose Trump. I’m not saying you cannot be critical of our seemingly unquestionable support for Ukraine in $$$ and arms (I am), nor the stated end points that constitute “winning” the war, nor Ukraine’s corruption problem, nor the media’s fawning coverage of Zelensky.

You can do all of that and just not be a Putin cocksucker.

Disliking legacy media is no excuse for being duped by its opposite of it. Disliking woke is no excuse for being duped by Putin.

So, this woman believes Tucker should’ve turned down the interview with Putin because Russia has journalists behind bars. Meanwhile, Tucker’s out there using his platform to advocate for Evan Gershkovich, a journalist currently imprisoned in Russia. And what has Melissa contributed to the cause? Has she done anything beyond griping and taking swipes at Tucker?

And speaking of journalists facing dire consequences, an American journalist lost his life after being imprisoned for voicing criticism against Ukraine and Zelensky.


Reporter Gonzalo Lira, a citizen of Chile and the US, who was detained by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), has died in prison, US journalist Tucker Carlson said, citing Lira’s father.

“Gonzalo Lira, Sr. says his son has died at 55 in a Ukrainian prison, where he was being held for the crime of criticizing the Zelensky and Biden governments,” Carlson wrote on the X social media platform (formerly Twitter).

He added that despite Lira’s American citizenship, the US administration “clearly supported his imprisonment and torture.”

On Saturday, US entrepreneur Elon Musk addressed Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, asking him to explain Lira’s arrest and incarceration. Musk voiced his opinion on the issue following Carlson’s post on the X platform asserting that Lira was being “tortured in a Ukrainian prison since July, for the crime of criticizing Zelensky.”

Still, that doesn’t seem to deter reporters and celebrities from cozying up to Zelensky for interviews that can only be described as romantic fluff.

Let’s be real: the legacy media’s outrage isn’t about Tucker doing his journalistic duty—they know full well he is. Their real fury stems from seeing their convoluted narrative challenged and their hold on yet another CIA-backed propaganda plot slipping.

It was moments like this that had to send the media straight into orbit:

What struck me was his openness about wanting a peace deal in Ukraine. He mentioned it several times, which was quite surprising — Carlson

Even to Tucker Carlson this came as a surprise. Russia did not want this war, and that’s what Putin was trying to get across.

There is evidence overwhelming that there was a peace deal or part of a peace deal with the beginning of peace talks, a settlement of some sort on the table a year and a half ago…

…that the former PM of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, scuttled on behalf of the Biden administration and convinced Zelensky and the Ukrainian government not to enter into these talks.

The standout revelation seems to be that Putin is seeking peace, yet the American government’s response was a hard no. This bombshell is precisely why our media is in overdrive, frantically circling the wagons, and attacking Tucker at every turn.

Wall Street Apes:

The Tucker Carlson, Vladimir Putin Interview Showed Putin Has Been Ready For Peace. If You Recall, American Government Said No

This Is Why, One Of The Most Important Pentagon File Leakes No One Is Talking About:

The Files Revealed “A Blueprint for setting up the Ukraine war”

“Basically been a media blackout over these Pentagon files. It’s being called the the the biggest US government leak since Snowden. This happened in, like, the last couple weeks. And Fox News even made a statement, we’re not gonna cover this. We’re not gonna show the documents because, like, serious blueprints for Ukraine were were leaked.

And did you hear about these? Yes. So Explain that to people. I I’m not I’m I’m definitely not an expert on this, but this seems like a Blueprint for setting up this war. Yes.

And a very sensitive document. Kirby, with John Kirby. He’s, like, Biden’s spokesperson. He’s the guy who lied about the Nord Stream, you know, in the press room. Mhmm.

And he came out and said to he Specifically, told media, don’t cover this leak. Don’t cover the truth, guys. You’re with us.”

The truth is that the mainstream media are the ones whose relevance has totally faded.

You can watch the full Tucker/Putin interview below:


Actually, Tucker’s reflections on the interview could end up being even more captivating than the interview itself: