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Apparently, it’s more important to be a black woman in power than it is to be a decent, hardworking leader. That seems to be the message coming from the rather flashy mayor of Dolton, Illinois, who is under fire for her lavish personal spending.

Tiffany Henyard is stirring up quite the drama with her love for the finer things in life, which is fine, but it seems that Ms. Henyard may be purchasing her goodies on the taxpayer’s dime. Henyard’s got a very “flashy” style, with her nails and hair always all “done did” up. The town’s trustees are raising eyebrows over her lavish spending, and when they called her out, the fireworks started. Henyard, who some might say got her gig more for ticking the “DEI boxes” than actual skills, didn’t just snap back; she went full-on diva on them. She accused the trustees, who are all black, of picking on a “black woman in power” and made it crystal clear she’s da big boss woman.

Caught on video, this showdown is nothing short of eye-popping. Henyard’s “sassy” comeback is a live tutorial on how not to answer to fiscal irresponsibility. A popular X account that goes by the handle “Unlimited L’s” shared this shocking video of the mayor defending herself in what sounds like a DEI rant:

Dolton Mayor goes off on a group of trustees after being questioned about her over spending – I’m The LEADER!

You all forget I’M THE LEADER. They want to hear from the mayor. You all ain’t learned that yet”

“You all should be ashamed of yourselves because you all are Black… You all are Black!..And you all sitting up here beating and attacking a Black woman that’s in power…You all should be ashamed of yourselves”

Tiffany Henyard and other officials, according to township credit card records, spent over $67,000 on trips to cities like Portland, Austin, Atlanta, and New York City

The expenses covered first-class flights and luxurious accommodations, including a stay at the Four Seasons hotel in Atlanta, which cost taxpayers over $9,000, and a bill of $13,000 in New York

These days, if you hire or elect a black woman, it’s for life. Good luck ever replacing them, you bigot.

Daily Mail:

The first female mayor of a tiny Illinois village has been slammed for ‘living like a royal’ at taxpayer expense by taking a $300,000 salary and racking up huge expenses.

Glamorous Tiffany Henyard was elected leader of Dolton, a village of 20,000, in 2021, but has since come under fire for what many see as her excessive spending.

She regularly engages the services of a professional hair and makeup team and stylist before public appearances and photo shoots for the county’s taxpayer funded billboards, which often feature the 40-year-old in what have some see as shameless self-promotion.

Henyard is always snapped in tasteful, expensive looking outfits. She has posted photos of herself getting out of chauffeur driven SUVS, with one Instagram post even appearing to show her with a dog laden with jewelry.

Henyard, who often refers to herself as ‘God’s favorite’, has now sparked further outrage by proposing a new law that would cap the next mayor’s salary at $25,000, unless she remains in the role, Fox 32 reports.

Many believe the proposal, which has been branded ‘illegal’ is an attempt to dissuade anyone from running against her in the 2025 race. Now trustees in her town have filed a lawsuit against her alleging forgery and claiming she withheld financial records.

This is the same stellar “leader” who hired a child sex offender to inspect homes.

Fox 32:

Trustees in Dolton say they are stunned and appalled by the latest hire made by the village’s new mayor, which the trustees say was done without their consent.

On Sept. 20, village records show Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard hired 46-year-old Lavelle Redmond as a code enforcement officer — a job in which he goes into Dolton homes and businesses to inspect them and make sure they are up to code.

The problem is, Redmond is a registered child sex offender. He is on the Illinois State Police child sex offender registry.

Not only that, but the former police chief of Dolton says that this “sassy” mayor made his job of fighting crime much harder.

But through all the chaos, we’re meant to just sit back and relax because, hey, at least there’s a “black woman in power,” right? As if being the mayor of a small town in Illinois is the pinnacle of authority. For Tiffany, snagging that mayoral spot was hitting the jackpot, and now she’s cashing in at the taxpayers’ expense. And if anyone dares to challenge her, she’ll just play the race card, just like we’ve seen before. It’s become a predictable move in the DEI playbook.