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Watching the left scramble to distance themselves from the horrific murder of Laken Riley by one of Biden’s illegals, is downright appalling and heartless. For years, Dems have championed “sanctuary city” policies, essentially rolling out the red carpet for every dreg of humanity, only to now recoil as these twisted and failed policies disastrously implode, putting innocent Americans at risk or worse. But shifting blame or deflecting responsibility won’t cut it anymore. The murder of Laken Riley marks a turning point, and as they try to dodge accountability like cockroaches, the resilient folks of Athens are making sure they can’t just slink away.

This was clearly evident during a press conference with Democrat Mayor Kelly Girtz, who attempted to shift blame away from himself and his party’s policies. But the community wasn’t buying it. They directly called him a liar and accused him of having blood on his hands. Despite the mayor’s denials, it’s clear to the people of Athens that his support for “sanctuary” policies created an environment where an illegal monster event could brutally murder a young American girl in the prime of her life.

And in case you want video proof that this sleazy Democrat politician created this “sanctuary” for murderers, here he is 5 years ago, declaring Athens a “sanctuary city.”

President Trump knows exactly who’s to blame for Laken’s murder: Joe Biden and the entire Democrat Party.

President Trump had this to say about Laken’s murder:

President Trump is right. Close the border and protect our citizens. But instead of doing that, Girtz is trying to deflect. Now, following the horrific and deadly outcome of his misguided policies, which led to the murder of a young woman simply out for a jog,  Girtz is urging us not to “politicize” the event. This guy wants to emerge unscathed, and accepting zero responsibility for the fate of that young, vibrant life taken so senselessly. But it gets more cold-hearted. Even as a member of his community was cruelly slaughtered, this hair-brained politician’s focus remains on the rights of illegals and bashing Trump.

This disconnected, “woke” Democrat is cautioning against linking crime with illegal immigration, while we all sit here and watch crime rates soar and our citizens suffer and die. It’s becoming harder for even the most cult-like liberals to overlook the possibility that this ongoing assault on American safety might not be accidental.