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Have you ever wondered why the former governor of South Carolina trails President Trump by almost 30 points? Yes, Trump’s popularity is off the charts, and he’s the clear frontrunner. But a 30-point gap? That’s not just a defeat; it’s a landslide, especially for a former governor.

So, what’s the story here? Well, it turns out, we’ve got a piece of the puzzle, and it’s as juicy and scandalous as it gets. This is the story of Nikki Haley, a power-hungry woman who climbed to the top on the shoulders of friends and colleagues—only to betray everyone who helped her rise to political fame. Now, when she needs them the most, they’re returning the favor by turning their backs on her.

New York Times:

The stories pile up one after another, of thanks not offered, allies antagonized, opponents not forgiven — a portrait of a politician who climbed the ladder with speed and skill but failed to ensure that the people who helped her would have her back if she needed them.

Now that politician, Nikki Haley, has returned to her home state of South Carolina in desperate need of support in high places to revive her flagging quest for the presidency.

She is finding little of it.

The man who had been her lieutenant governor, Henry McMaster, signed on with Donald J. Trump long ago. The backbench House member she plucked from a crowded field of South Carolina contenders to put into the United States Senate, Tim Scott, endorsed Mr. Trump just days before the crucial New Hampshire primary, and stood behind him Tuesday night as the former president mocked Ms. Haley’s dress.

The congresswoman whose career was rescued from a Trump-backed challenger in 2022 by a timely Haley endorsement, Nancy Mace, has also sided with Mr. Trump, a man she once said needed to be held to account for the riot of Jan. 6, 2021.

“She was good on economic development but not great on cultivating relationships,” Chip Felkel, a longtime Republican political consultant and Trump critic, said of Ms. Haley. “She forgot who helped her get here.”

So, what’s Nikki Haley’s explanation for her unpopularity back home? You guessed it: sexism and jealousy. Haley has quickly embraced the left’s go-to strategy: identity politics. The New York Times piece goes on:

Ms. Haley and her supporters attribute the hard feelings she left in her wake to jealousy, sexism and the sense that a young woman of color had simply not waited her turn. But for all the talk of South Carolina’s penchant for dirty tricks, the state also values the glad hand. And that was not Ms. Haley’s style.

Campaigning in New Hampshire last week, Ms. Haley said South Carolina lawmakers had “no love for me” because she fought to make state government more transparent and vetoed pork-barrel projects.

“The good ol’ boys have never liked her,” said State Representative Nathan Ballentine, a Republican and close friend who is supporting Ms. Haley. Mr. Ballentine said he was disappointed to see so many South Carolina Republicans whom she had supported backing Mr. Trump, particularly Mr. Scott. But he was not surprised.

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Ironically, Nikki Haley embodies the “good ol’ GOP boy” persona more than many of her male counterparts. She’s a tried and true neocon who can’t wait to reboot the failed globalist policies and “compassionate conservatism” nonsense of the 1990s, which are two of the biggest reasons we’re in this mess to begin with. In truth, Nikki Haley is more progressive than many of today’s Democrats. And the reason why is because she’s been part of their movement for quite some time. Investigative reporter Laura Loomer uncovered an article from 2004, in which Nikki Haley admits to voting Democrat. Sure, you can say that President Trump was once a Democrat, but you don’t see Trump getting funded and supported by Democrats today like Nikki Haley is.

Nikki’s California primary run will also be funded by Democrats.


Nikki Haley will head west for a February 6th-7th fundraising tour hosted by 26 Democrat mega donors. Loomer Unleashed recently published an in-depth analysis of Haley’s February 6th events in San Francisco. 13 mega Democrat donors will host Haley’s February 7th fundraisers. These events will take place in Los Angeles and Orange County. In the past, Haley’s fundraising hosts have donated to Joe Biden, Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton, John Tester, Mark Kelly, and Chuck Schumer. Tester’s Montana race will be crucial in deciding control of the United States Senate. The fact that Haley is attending events hosted by Democrat donors funding key Senate candidates proves she is lying when she speaks about her candidacy helping down-ballot Republicans.

In New Hampshire, a striking 70 percent of Nikki Haley’s support came from “non-Republicans,” and in South Carolina—where her popularity is in the dumps—Dems are rallying to boost voter turnout for her.

Check out this fascinating thread exposing all of Nikki Haley’s dubious supporters. And if you’re still on the fence about why she represents the worst choice for Republicans, take a look at Revolver’s eye-opening article from a few years ago. It’s as relevant today as it was then, providing a detailed breakdown of why Nikki Haley would be a disastrous choice for president.

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